why do we go to church on easter sunday

Why go to church on Easter Sunday? Easter. ItБs the one Sunday of the year when anyone who has ever colored a picture of Jesus, sung Amazing Grace or put on a fancy hat might come to church. Easter Sunday is usually the highest attended worship service of the year for most churches. There are a lot of reasons why people go to church on Easter Sunday. You know you have your reasons too. Here are a few that you might identify with-
To make a family member happyБ You go to the Easter service because your fanatical wife begs you to do it for her and the kids. You go to the Easter service to make your old fashioned parents happy. You go to the Easter service to make your little brother in the Easter play happy. Whoever it is, the reason you БG. O. Б to church on Easter Sunday is based mostly on БGuiltБ and ObligationБ to someone else. To make God happyБ You understand the deal with God. Keeping God happy isnБt that tough; show up to church on Christmas and Easter, be a good person and try not to ruffle too many feathers about why you donБt come to church the rest of the year. You tell the Pastor he preached a good sermon and wave to your old Sunday School teacher from across the parking lot as you get into your car to leave. The smile on their faces lets you know that God is pretty pumped that you attended, which should keep things cool between you and Him until Christmas. To make yourself happyБ Something about the church Easter service just seems to touch you every year. Often, the stirring music, dramatic presentation and impassioned message will even move you to joyful tears. The inspirational service brings back warm memories of Easter dresses, flowers and familiar songs from your simpler days as a youth. Call it nostalgic euphoria if you will, but it feels good, like watching a religious hallmark movie in your snuggies. Sound familiar? Most of us deal with a cocktail of mixed motivations for attending church on Easter Sunday.

ItБs not that you donБt appreciate the whole Easter holiday, you do. The eggs and bunnies for the kids, the church service for the family, and an extra day off of work is a nice throw in too. When Monday morning rolls around it will be back to business as usual, but thatБs just the way it is right? So, why should someone come to church on Easter? The message of Easter, that has been celebrated for 2,000 years and how you respond to that message is what really matters. The Easter service itself? Not so muchБ Whether you attend an Easter service with a choir and an organ or a drum set and smoke machine doesnБt matter. Whether you attend an Easter service with cutting edge videos or church members wearing bathrobes and sandals doesnБt matter. Whether the Pastor preaches in a suit and tie or a deep V-neck t-shirt doesnБt matter. None of that matters. What matters is how you will respond to the central message of Easter- The Resurrection of Jesus. How you respond to the truth of Easter is nothing short of a matter of life and death. Your response to the resurrection of Jesus will literally define every aspect of your life, death and eternity. Your response to the resurrection of Jesus willБ Determine your hope for your future. Define your perspective of your past. Deliver peace for your present. Defy death in your eternity. Your love, joy, hope, peace, life, death, purpose, meaning, relationships and faith, all hang in the balance on the message of Easter. You canБt just Бget in, get out, and get on with your lifeБ when you see Easter for what it truly is. Will you see Easter for what it is this Sunday? You may have heard the Easter story a thousand times, or you may be hearing it for the very first time, but if you have not rightly responded to the story of Easter, you will walk away unchanged and without any hope of change. Get to church on Easter Sunday, but even better let Easter Sunday get to you!

Looking for a church for Easter? Join us! Warren is the lead pastor at Essential Church in Bellevue, WA. Essential church is a new plant with a great vision to magnify Christ and multiply His kingdom March 27th tomorrow is Easter Sunday in case you haven t noticed all the pastel bunnies at the grocery store. PInstead of sleeping in with the kids and findingPplastic eggs filled with melted candy, try something different: go to church even if you don t like going to church. Here s why. P Easter is at the very heart of Christianity. P Ever feel like you ve walked into a movie that s already halfway over when you go to church? PThe preacher might be using words that you ve never heard in regular life like sovereignty and sanctification? PWell, Easter is so at the heart of the gospel message, it s more likely than ever thatPthe preacher will start from the beginning and things might begin to make sense. It s great to have traditions with your spouse and family. According to the, Researchers have consistently found that families that engage in frequent traditions report stronger connection and unity than families that havent established rituals together. Traditions provide an all-too-rare chance for face-to-face interaction, help family members get to know and trust each other more intimately, and create a bond that comes from feeling that one is part of something unique and special. How you respond to the Easter message will determine the rest of your life. Okay, so it is a matter of life and death. PAs, Your response to the resurrection of Jesus will literally define every aspect of your life, death and eternity. PUnlike at Christmas, where the service might get bogged down in sentimentality, the message of Easter the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus will determine your hope for your future, define your perspective of your past, deliver peace for your present, and even defy death in your eternity.

P People usually dress up for the service, but don t let your lack of a frilly dress stop you from going. POn Easter Sunday, peoplePusually take the opportunity to dress is bold, bright colors to symbolize new life. PIf you feel like you don t have something appropriate to wear, just pick something out that is nice, modest, and clean Jesus won t care, as he was not dressed to the nines Pat the Resurrection either. Get there early. PThere are many people out there right now making Easter plans as well. PIn addition to the regular people who go to church every Sunday, you ll have newcomers checking out the scene as well. PGet there at least fifteen minutes early so you don t end up sitting on the awkward first row. Realize that the church will be full of people who feel as odd as you do being in a church. P Sometimes on holy days, people judge the church too harshly. P Well, I went to the Christmas Eve Service, but no one talked to me at all. PThis might be due to the fact that there are so many visitors that it s hard to tell whom to greet and who s regular. P(Also you might be seated next to people who seem like uninterested church goers, who are also just visitors. ) PJust don t go expecting to have the full Dale Carnegie hospitality extended. P But, on the other hand People might be excessively friendly. POn holy days, regular church goers are super excited to see visitors. PIf you are hoping to go in unnoticed, it might be the case that people surround you asking where you live and what you do. PJust relax, accept the hospitality, and try to find a seat in the back. As you think about what kind of church to attend, you ll probably select one based on whether you know someone at that church, or if it s close to your house. PNo matter if you choose a casual, megachurch or a traditional throw back, the message of the resurrection of Jesus Christ is one you need to hear. Enjoy!

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