why drink cranberry juice on your period

Cranberries are one of the healthy fruit that has a definite number of healthy benefits to the people. As per the recent studies from University of Maryland Medical Center, it has been observed and proved that anti-oxidants that are present in cranberry juice, can be helpful in reducing the bacteria and its infection that causes in the bladder. This is definitely beneficial for the women, facing urinary tract infection on a regular basis, this is not associated with reducing the signs and symptoms which are associated with the menstruation. Cranberry juice is a tasty juice to boost your health, as cranberries that are nutritious supplement inclusions with the women's menstrual cycles. Cranberry has a number of health benefits. The effective ways of menstrual regulation can be done by vitamin K, and cranberries are rich in vitamin K, Cranberries also contain vitamin C and potassium, which is also a factor for the regulation of menstrual pains. It is also known for alternative medicine for symptoms such as burning urination, pain in the bladder and bloating. Many of the countries have the herbal supplements sold in the market. Menstrual cycle actually ranges from cramps in the stomach to bloating, back pain, distress, headache, nausea etc. Most of these symptoms can be cleared as early as possible with the cranberry juice.

Fresh cranberry juice is nutritional and includes all the essentials that should be present for a healthy juice. Always prefer to take bright red, hard and plumpy ones as they have more life in them when refrigerated can also stay for a year if properly stored. Be sure of having fresh cranberries juice that might be helpful in fighting the infections. It is said to be a healthy juice for kidney stones, bladder problems, and urinary tract infections. Kidney stones can even flush out when taken once a day. Cranberries are natural ways to protect from the flu and colds, can be acting as a powerful weapon in fighting colds and the flu. Cranberries are rich in antioxidants and chemical quinine.
Cranberry juice helps to improve immunity of your body and resist various infections and diseases. It needs to be consumed by people who have developed a weak immune system and generally catch infections with ease. The nutrients in cranberry counter the unfavourable symptoms and protect your body from various ailments. On consuming cranberry juice, bacteria and other microbes which make the body prone to various diseases are eliminated. For example, E-coli bacteria cause infections in the urinary tract. The alkalizing or acidifying properties of cranberries help the body to fight infections, especially in the case of negative urine culture or bladder infections.

The condensed tannins in the cranberry juice along with the proanthocyanidine restrict the bacteria from sticking to the bladder and hence, they are flushed out of the urinary tract. The anti-oxidizing effects of cranberry juice can prevent the body from various bacterial infections. Hence, people who are frequent victims of urinary tract infections get relieved from the symptoms over a period of time if they regularly consume cranberry juice. For individuals using catheters, the smell of the urine is dampened by the cranberry juice and hence it is highly useful. Flu infections are common especially during winters for people with weak immunity. Cranberry juice extract is an excellent home remedy for these infections. The recommended cranberry juice dosage is about 1 oz every day. During illness, you can consume as much as 8 oz thrice a day. While making the juices, frozen cranberries are better than fresh ones. Cranberries can also be consumed in frozen, dried or fried forms and they are more effective for the body than the diluted juice forms. Cranberry can be consumed in its raw form as salads and are healthy refreshers for the mornings. Cranberries are tasty even when toasted or can be consumed in the form of ice-cream toppings. 100% pure cranberry extracts are available in the market.

Cranberries can be stuffed in breads for a tasty snack. Cranberries are high in vitamin C content. They can be used to treat tooth decays and stomach ulcers. The cranberry contents are also effective for strengthening the cardio vascular system and act as anti-cancer agents. They are a natural remedy for fighting against kidney stones also. Some people may not like the sour taste of the juice. In these case tablets and capsule form of cranberry can be consumed for fighting against infections. Cranberry mixture can be easily prepared and stored. The first step of preparation is to preheat the oven to a temperature of 300 degrees F. Mix 2. 5 cups of sugar with 1. 25 cups of water. Boil this mixture in a sauce pan and set aside. Add about 4 cups of whole cranberries in their uncooked form in a baking pan and pour the above boiled mixture. Cover and bake this dish in a foil for about 1. 25 hours. The baked cranberries can then be cooled further and refrigerated for later consumption. Cranberry products are very safe for consumption, hence even if your immune system is good enough, you can still consume these products to strengthen it further and stay fit for a healthy life.

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