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why is molting necessary for arthropod growth

Molting is the process by which an arthropod removes its exoskeleton so that it can grow a new one. The exoskeleton is the hard outer surface of an arthropod th
at protects it from outside sources. Underneath the exoskeleton the creature is soft. The do not have internal skeletons like we do, so they are floppy. On top of that, they do not have any skin. Imagine if your skin and bones were gone. You would be a floppy pile of muscles and organs- very, very vulnerable. They get a new exoskeleton after a few hours, though, so they are not that way for long. 1) It helps you learn from your mistakes.

What good does it do for you to make a mistake and never learn from it? It does absolutely no good at all. When you ar e focused on learning and growing as a person, you will be much more likely to take every mistake or problem you encounter and look at them as learning experiences, rather than wasted time. 2) You will become prosperous in your life. People who are passionate about becoming a better, or more well-rounded person, are often more prosperous as well.

This doesn't necessarily mean you will become rich, in a monetary sense of the word. But you will be much more at peace with yourself and consider yourself richly blessed with what you do have. 3) You will develop positive, nurturing relationships. When you learn how to handle yourself and your own life circumstances, you will also learn how to develop better relationships in your life. From friends to family, you will be better equipped to handle unexpected problems and cultivate positive, healthy relationships with others. 4) You will live an overall healthier life.

Learning more about yourself and achieving a higher level of respect for yourself can only lead to a healthier and more productive life. When you grow as a person, you start caring more about yourself in every aspect. You'll have a greater desire to eat healthier, squelch bad habits, and take better care of yourself.

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