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why is my skin oily all of a sudden

Many people associate oily skin with puberty and hormones causing oiliness and breakouts on youthful skin. However oily skin doesnБt just belong to people in their teens and twenties, in fact it can abruptly appear at any age. Why does that happen? There are several things that can contribute to sudden oily skin and weБre going to investigate what might be the culprit so you donБt have to be plagued by oily skin. YouБve noticed a sudden change in your skin Б shine is continually forming on your skin and you wake up with an oily face. Perhaps your make up just БslipsБ off now when it previously stayed on for several hours. If you use a piece of blotting paper the oil is clearly visible on it. If youБre confused as to why your skin is suddenly having issues, thereБs a myriad of reasons why itБs doing this. WeБve listed seven reasons and provide solutions on how you can get your skin back to its balanced state. 1. Stress
Are you feeling anxious about something? It might be registering on your face. ThatБs because when youБre feeling stress or anxiety your body releases cortisol, a stress hormone, which can also cause your skin to produce more oil in your scalp and skin.

Practice meditation or take a relaxing bath to calm your nerves and release that built-up tension. 2. You Are Not Hydrating Enough Water is essential to your skinБs healthy appearance. If you donБt drink enough water your skin can appear dry. Conversely because your skin is not getting enough hydration it may start overproducing sebum and oil to compensate for the lack of moisture. The best solution is to drink plenty of water every day. If you donБt like plain water, decafinated herbal teas are also a good alternative. 3. YouБre Eating Too Much Sugar If you love sugary treats such as candy, cakes, soda and ice cream you may want to rethink your diet. Sugar increases the production of androgens in your body, which in turn can lead to more oil production. If you canБt live without sugar try to get your sweet fix from naturally sweet treats such as fruit. 4. Your Skin Care Routine Is Too Intense Did you previously have slightly oily skin or shine in your T-zone and then you brought out the big guns?

Many times minimally oily skin is made worse by a too-harsh skin care routine. Are you washing your skin more than twice a day, using products with alcohol or scrubbing with grainy particles like sand or crystals? If you answered yes, then you might be stripping your skin of its natural oils and interfering with its barrier function. The result may be oilier skin. Try to use a cleanser formulated for your skin type rather than washing incessantly. We suggest a charcoal infused cleanser like. Your skin will feel incredibly clean and the formula infused with charcoal will pull out any impurities without stripping your skin. Your skin will glow but not because itБs oily but just beautiful. 5. Your Oily Skin Is Hereditary This is probably the most infuriating reason but your oily skin might be predetermined by your genes. While you canБt change genetics you should follow our previous life style and skin care tips to minimize oil and sebum production. While oily skin can be a challenge particularly if it suddenly arises, awareness of how to care for your skin and your body overall should help in the fight against grease.

The crisp autumn air is usually a harbinger of what is to comeвcold, dry winter air, and with it, dry skin. Believe it or not, increased dryness may actually be the cause of oily skin in winter. What Causes Oily Skin No matter what your skin type or what time of year it is, sebaceous glands produce oil. Ideally, the glands produce just enough oil to lubricate skin and keep it suppleвresilient and resistant to pathogenic microbes. However, many people face over- or under-active sebaceous glands, resulting in oily or dry skin, respectively. Common causes of over-activity of the sebaceous glands, include: Even environmental changes can trigger increased oil productionвand thatвs exactly what is happening if you experience oily skin in the winter. In response to drier ambient air, your skin kicks up production of its natural moisture-locking and protective oil. How to Deal with Oily Winter Skin It may be tempting to counter oily skin with aggressive washing and scrubbing or significantly reducing moisturizing treatments.

Neither of those strategies will get the results you want. Frequent washing with strong soaps or medicinal cleaners combined with dry winter air (inside and out) are a sure-fire way to over-dry your skin. Instead of an oily sheen, you will likely end up with dull, flaky, possibly red and irritated skin. If your face wash leaves your skin squeaky-clean, you know itвs too strong. The best way to handle oily winter skin is with gentle cleansing and an adequate moisturizer. Twice-daily cleansing with a soap-free wash like will remove dirt and excess oil, helping to prevent breakouts and that undesirable greasy-skin feeling. Moisturizing will keep your skin hydrated, and if your skin is hydrated, then your sebaceous glands do not have to work overtime. No matter what your skin type is during the spring, summer and fall, if you experience winter oiliness, you may benefit from using a light moisturizing lotion like or. These water-based formulas replenish hydration without heavier moisture-locking compounds that may trap excess oil under your skin. for more tips and monthly product specials!

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