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why do we lose hair in the shower

As scary as it might be to see a clump of stray hairs at the bottom of your drain after a shower, trust me when I see this is (almost always)
normal. I can t tell you how many times I ve felt a tinge of fear at the amount of hair that seems to have fallen out of my head as I wash it, but I too have been reassured that it s okay to lose hair in the shower. Still feeling hesitant? Let s speak to an expert. I brought in my friendP Dr. Sherry Ross from the site P(a monthly period care package you need to check out) to discuss this. Dr. Ross said, It may surprise you that each of us normally lose or shed up to 100 hairs a day. After you shower and wash your hair, you will see your hair brush slowly fill up with stray hairs, and this can be a completely normal daily phenomenon. So if it s normal for you to shed in the shower, then how do you know when something bad is going on? Dr. Ross said: When should you be concerned? If you start to notice a significant change in the amount of hair you find in your hair brush or on the shower walls, or if you notice bald spots or clumps of hair falling out from your scalp. If it s a big difference, you should bring it to the attention of your health care provider. That said, it s also normal for the amount of hair you lose to fluctuate a little bit.

One shower you might notice a few strays, and another, there might be a bunch more. I ve personally noticed that I always have more stray hairs if I ve gone a few days without washing it, have had it up in a messy bun, and have used a lot of dry shampoo. Like Dr. Ross said, it s not a health care issue until it s a significant amount more, you ve noticed patchy bald spots, or if large clumps of hair fall out for no reason (i. e. you re not showering or brushing it). So if you re really worried, pay attention to how much hair is falling out but in general, if you were having a serious hair loss problem, you would probably know. If you re really stressed, head to the doctor to make sure everything is okay. Hair loss is not reserved for older people or sick people, and many young women experience it when they least expect it. It s definitely a valid concern, but again, it would probably be more dramatic if it was a serious issue. Good luck! Whats onP your Pmind? Heather can help! Send her your question atP PYou can also reach our buddies at HelloFlo with questions about your body or health. Just askP PatP! Follow Gurl, Pretty Please! ,P,P,P, andP Like it or not, hair loss is a fact of life -- and a normal part of the hair growth cycle.

You can expect to shed some hair every day, which may be noticeable when you brush or shower your hair, although typical shedding doesn't impact the overall look of your mane. While washing hair is sometimes blamed for excessive hair loss, the process of wetting, shampooing and massaging the hair simply aids in the shedding of already-loose hair strands. If excessive shedding or abnormal hair loss occurs, this is related to something other than shampooing or washing the hair. According to the, itвs normal to shed 50 to 100 hairs per day as part of the natural hair renewal process. In the normal scalp, of hair follicles are in the anogen, or active hair growth phase, which can last up to 8 years. Unless damaged, strands in the anogen phase wonвt shed or fall out. The of hair follicles in the telogen phase -- where no active growth occurs -- lose hair strands when new growth pushes out the old, telogen hair. Washing hair dislodges the loose telogen hair, making the shedding process more noticeable -- especially when it collects in the drain! If you donвt wash your hair every day, you may shed less than the usual 50 to 100 strands per day, as some of your loose hair strands will stay in the follicles or get held in place by styling products.

On hair wash days, the water and massaging of the hair will enable the shedding of your loose hair -- sometimes a worrisome amount. But rest assured, most of the time, this hair loss is normal. It's to shed, on average, significantly more than 100 hairs per day. Sometimes hair treatments which cause breakage are to blame, such as damage from chemicals, too-tight styles or heat styling. Excess hair shedding due to a stressor, such as a severe illness, significant weight loss or pregnancy, occurs in a reversible condition called. Certain medications, such as chemotherapy, also cause temporary hair loss. In addition, an array of medical conditions can cause temporary or permanent hair loss. The excessive hair loss from any of these causes will be much more noticeable when the hair is washed. Washing your hair will not cause excessive hair loss. If you are experiencing more hair loss than usual, see your doctor for an evaluation, in order to determine the cause. Sometimes the hair loss is a consequence of, or a sign of a health problem that needs treatment. Reviewed by Kay Peck, MPH RD

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