why do they use roman numerals for the super bowl

An article in the "It was [HuntБs] brainchild," said Moore of the numbering system in an interview with Yahoo. "I think people felt from the start that it had something to it, even if they couldnБt quite put their finger on exactly what it was. Before long it was just part of it. Now it wouldnБt be the same without it. "
The article states that it specifically is not related to the Olympics, at least not directly: "The NFL didn't model after the Olympics," Dan Masonson, director of the league's corporate communication, told the AP. They then go on to explain that the reason for using numbers of any sort is due to what the NFL media guide explains (i. e. , they want to avoid confusion if you said "2014 Superbowl" what that refers to), and that Roman Numerals were selected to make it seem more prestigious.

The Roman numerals were used to make the game seem more prestigious, back when the Super Bowl was not yet the most watched television event of the year.

БItБs much more magisterial,Б Moore told the AP. Now, it's perfectly reasonable to guess that both the Olympics and the NFL have the same root reason - Roman Numerals seem fancier, of course. Why is the today's game Super Bowl XLIX, not Super Bowl 49 or Super Bowl 2015? Believe it or not, the NFL is trying to create less confusion.

The Roman numerals were adopted to clarify any confusion that may occur because the NFL Championship Game the Super Bowl is played in the year following a chronologically recorded season. That makes sense. We just got done with the 2014 season and are playing the Super Bowl in 2015. So is it the NFL title game of 2014 or 2015? The NFL started using Roman numerals with Super Bowl V and went back to add them from I to IV. But it really doesn't explain, though, why Roman numerals are used, not numbers.

In fact, for just one year, the NFL is not going use Roman numerals. Next year would have been Super Bowl L. The league reportedly went through 73 versions of a logo with the letter "L" and. But after Super Bowl 50, it's back to Roman numerals. It'll be interesting to see what happens in 38 years for Super Bowl LXXXVIII.

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