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why do we give money to egypt

WORLD Discussion Ideas More than 70% of aid to both Afghanistan and Egypt goes to one sector of the economy. Can students identify this sector, and why the U. S. prioritizes it? Sector: Military,
sometimes called security, funding accounts for most foreign aid to Afghanistan and Egypt. In Afghanistan, security funding accounts for about 71% of almost $80 billion in aid over the last decade. In Egypt, that figure is a whopping 84%, with $1. 3 billion out of Egypt s annual $1. 5 billion in aid. Priority in Afghanistan: According to the media spotlight ( ), military aid in Afghanistan supports the U. S. strategic goal: to disrupt, dismantle, and defeat al-Qaeda and prevent its return to Afghanistan. Military aid suppresses al-Qaida and al-Qaida sympathizers. This benefits the Afghan government and citizens, as well as the U. S. , which recognizes Afghanistan as a front line in the War on Terror. Priority in Egypt: According to ProPublica, military aid to Egypt promotes peace between Egypt and Israel. (Israel is the largest recipient of U. S. foreign aid. ) Aid to Egypt also gives the U. S. benefits such as expedited processing for U. S. Navy warships when they pass through the Suez Canal. What do students think is included in military aid or security funding to Egypt? Equipment. The article mentions F-16 fighters, Apache helicopters, tanks, armored personnel carriers, anti-aircraft missile batteries, and surveillance aircraft. What do students think is included in economic aid to Egypt? on Afghanistan for some hints. Economic aid includes humanitarian and infrastructure programs. The article mentions training programs in the U. S. for Egyptian hospital administrators, teachers and other government workers.

It also mentions programs to promote the sale of U. S. goods in Egypt and a program to modernize Egypt s real-estate finance market. Why do students think the U. S. gives Egypt so much foreign aid? Economic and political benefits. Economic: Economic benefits include expedited processing for U. S. Navy warships when they pass through the Suez Canal, and billions of dollars of government contracts for the U. S. defense industry. Political: says few nations are as important to U. S. foreign policy as Egypt. Why do students think Egypt is so politically important to the U. S.? б for a hint. Egypt is a strong U. S. ally in the Middle East and the Muslim world. Egypt is Corrupt. We MUST STOP SENDING AID! Egypt has not killed and tortured many of its own citizens because of religious minorities. The military has not rolled over hundreds of the very citizens they were supposed to be protecting! Egypt is not a gross violator of human rights and therefore I believe that the U. S needs to not draw their 1. 5 billion dollars from aid toward Egypt. ($1. 3 of that 1. 5 billion money goes to the military who are not killing there own citizens. ) Egypt is committing horrible human rights abuses. It must stop! Egypt has tortured is own citizens because of religious minorities. Egypt's military has also rolled over many of its own citizens who they are supposed to be protecting! Hundreds of citizens have been killed for no reason! We MUST STOP GIVING AID TO EGYP! Giving aid to Egypt makes the U. S look bad and undermines our authority. Egypt is corrupt! Egypt is a corrupt and terrible nation. It kills and tortures its own citizens. The U. S should not send aid to a nation like this. The Egyptian military has repeatedly rolled over its own citizen for no reason.

Egypt tortures its own citizens for religious minorities. The U. S should STOP sending Military aid to a nation that is committing such atrocious human rights abuses The US is breaking its own laws! By sending this aid to Egypt, we break our own laws. We're not supposed to give money to a country whose leader was put in power by the military, or whose previous leader was overthrown. And further, Egypt just got over coup; also illegal for the US to continue aid. Our president CANNOT shrug this off; it's violating the law he swore to enforce. Ending military aid to Egypt IS the answer! Egypt will be receiving money from other countries. (and a lot of it too) I'm positive that Egypt will understand that the U. S. in deeply in debt and they will let us stop sending money. Everyone who says no, I politely disagree. I'm sorry, but when I grow up I don't want to pay taxes for Egypt. The US has no business taking sides in arguments in Middle East countries. Americans become too involved in too many conflicts that aren't any of their business, and they still can't feed the poor at home or take care of their own health care crisis. American dollars should be spent on Americans, not wars on foreign soil. Yes, the U. S. Should end military aid to every country The U. S. Should keep their noses out of other countries internal affairs. Countries should be able to self determine what they want and not have some foreign power back one side. These protest will more then likely turn into something similar to the Syrian Civil War where the U. S. Backs the jihadist and the secular forces are corned in a position to bow to U. S. Interest. I find it interesting that, while the Muslim Brotherhood were present in Egypt, we kept the $1 billion and F-16s flowing in regular aid.

But, now that the Muslim Brotherhood is being booted out, Obama is "secretly stopping aid to Egypt. " Is what's happening not abundantly clear to everyone? Obama is clearly in "the circle," and he's choosing to aid the Brotherhood wherever they are. The "Syrian rebels" are a branch of al-Qaeda, called al-Nusra, and they're everything this country has always chosen to stay away from. We cut the aid to Egypt, and use that money to give OUR MILITARY veterans the benefits they deserve. Absolutely NOT. I would use that 1. 5 Billion dollar to pay Medical expenses for those who lost their legs in Iraq. I would reduce the deficit by 1. 5 Billion every year. I will just pay that money for company that produce weapon for free if Americans are dependent on that aid. I will give a break for American tax payers. America supply weapon for dictators so that they can kill their own people In the name of foreign policy. Stop sending money to all foreign countries and use the money to help the tax payers. Yes, but it all foreign aid. I favor cutting foreign aid to Egypt, but this should include all other nations. I wonder why this wasn't an issue with a terrorist organization running their government. Americans shouldn't be taxed for the benefit of foreign governments that they didn't elect. As for the broader topic, people fail to understand that Islam is an ideology that has existed for over 1,400 years steeped in aggressive imperialism, mass murder, conquest, and slavery. If the Egyptian people want to push back against such an organization with that ideology. More power to them.

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