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why do they throw skittles at marshawn lynch

Marshawn Lynch has made headlines this Super Bowl week, but unlike with Seattle Seahawks teammate Richard Sherman, it s what he hasn t been saying that s the story. After ditching out on Super Bowl Media Day after just six minutes Tuesday and bolting early from another meeting with the media Wednesday, it seemed Lynch wouldn t provide any substantive answers all week. Just when Beast Mode seemed set on maintaining his silence, he unexpectedly decided to rumble through that barrier and
to Sports Illustrated s Andy Gray, even if only to talk about his longstanding infatuation with Skittles. Lynch earlier this week, creating a special Seattle mix for the Seahawks Super Bowl run and in turn raising money for his foundation, which helps empower and educate underprivileged youth.

We came together on an agreement where weвre doing a limited pack of Seattle Mix Skittles and weвll be having an auction, which started today, with all proceeds from the auction donated to me and my cousinвs ( Joshua Johnson ) foundation, which isВ , Lynch said. В And, for every touchdown that I score, Skittles will donate $10,000. Lynch credits his mother for convincing him to taste the rainbow. She called the chewy candies power pellets and fed them to her son as early as high school to help settle his stomach during games.

The treat has become a staple for Lynch over time, and Seahawks fans even throw them to him on the field after touchdowns and big runs. Itвs really a mind-over-matter thing, Lynch said of the candy s so-called power. It was something I did back in Pop Warner. My stomach used to get upset, and we tried everything: Alka Seltzer. Pepto в all kinds of things. And then for some reason my mama just told me, Eat this candy. I forgot what candy it was that she gave me, but it settled my stomach. So I told her I liked it, but it takes too long to eat it. So then the next game she came with a big-ass bag of Skittles and was like, Here, you can chew these down real fast.

And thatвs how it happened. It was just the candy of her choice. Whether or not Skittles actually improve Lynch s play, they ve obviously become a big part of his character on and off the field. And if he ever feels the need to pick up a pack of the candy, Lynch says Seattle s 12th Man has him covered. I think the fans took care of that for me, Lynch added. I really donвt have to go to the store. The fans make sure that every time they see me or know they have an opportunity to see me, I make sure they bring plenty of Skittles. Have a question for Luke Hughes? Send it to him via Twitter atВ В orВ. for Skittles offers an alternate universe where the Seahawks running back actually enjoys talking to the press.

We learn that he prefers cat videos over dog videos, and that he would like to continue living on Earth rather than trying out life on another planet. Too bad it's just an ad for, released before Lynch plays in the Super Bowl on Sunday. Lynch, whose has led, does address his prickly relationship with the Fourth Estate in the goofy spot. When asked if workers deserve Skittles for a job well done, Lynch demonstrates how he would throw Skittles to reporters if "they ask me a good question. " Hey, Marshawn, how about giving them a good quote instead? H/T

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