why do the cells in all living things need energy

Why Do Living Things Need Energy? Energy is an essential requirement for all living things (organisms). Organisms need energy for things like growth, movement, reproduction and repair/maintenance. If we look closer, we find that the cells that make up these organisms require energy for the same reasons. Organisms obtain energy in physical or chemical form from their environment and transformations occur within the cells. Find out more about these transformations in the videos Food Chains Autotrophs and Heterotrophs, What is Photosynthesis? , What is Aerobic Respiration? and What is Fermentation (Anaerobic Respiration)?.
Cells need energy for various purposes, e. g. : cell division, movement, maintaining body temperature, building large molecules (synthesis).

Food is the source of chemical energy for most living things. Fats contain more than twice as much energy per gram as either carbohydrates or proteins (which both contain about the same as each other).

Cells need oxygen to release energy from food. This process is called aerobic respiration. We can describe what happens by using a word equation. carbon dioxide A gaseous compound of carbon and oxygen, which is a by-product of respiration, and which is needed by plants for photosynthesis. is a waste product of respiration and is formed from carbon and oxygen which were originally part of the food molecules. Heat energy may be released from cells during respiration. metabolism the sum of all chemical processes taking place in our cells, and the rate at which these proceed is a word for all the chemical reactions in a living organism.

The energy released from food by respiration is important to the metabolism of all cells. This video shows a laboratory demonstration of the reaction involved in aerobic respiration, but on a faster and more spectacular scale than in the cells in your body. Video: Aerobic respiration

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