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why do they still sell ipad 2

eBay can net you more money for your old iPad but requires you to do a lot of the work and take some of the risk. If you're comfortable handling your own sales, and have the time to invest, you can get a better return than trade-in services. Just make sure to:
Only ship to the buyer's confirmed Paypal address if using Paypal. Price competitively, especially if you're using Buy It Now as an option. Take great pictures but show any defects or damage so potential buyers knows what they're getting. Use a fast shipping service and make sure you include that in your item description. Use keywords in your title and in your item description to attract more potential buyers. You may also want to consider insuring your item in case anything goes wrong during shipping. Watch out for low-feedback buyers and also keep in mind that Paypal charges processing fees as well. Craigslist is the old classified ads in new digital form, and all the wonder and dread that entails. The advantage of Craigslist is that you can sell locally, face-to-face. That greatly speeds up transactions and reduces overhead like shipping. Just make sure to: Never put your personal or home address in an ad. NEVER. Price your iPad competitively. Find existing ads on Craigslist in your area for iPads that are the same model, capacity, and condition as yours and price accordingly.

If you're comfortable, include a number for potential buyers to call or text. It can increase the likelihood of a quick sale. (If you have a virtual number, use it. ) Meet in a public place, preferably in the daytime. A coffee shop like Starbucks is ideal. Bring a friend with you, just in case. Watch out for email scams. If someone offers a lot more money to encourage you to ship them your iPad, they're just trying to rip you off. What if I want to sell to a family member or friend? The same rules apply. If you don't just want to give your iPad away, you can choose if you want to give a friends and family discount. Either way, making sure the device is in the best condition possible, and everyone is being treated fairly, is the best way to make sure everyone wins and no one leaves with hard feelings. Besides, you're going to have to see these people again, so the last thing you want is simmering resentment over feelings of a raw deal at Thanksgiving! Can't I just trade in my iPad to Apple like I can my iPhone? Sort of. It's not actually a trade-in program, however, you can submit your older iPad (or Mac, for that matter) to Apple's Renew and Recycle program.

Qualifying devices will get you a gift card toward your next Apple Store purchase (like that new iPad Pro). You can take your old iPad with you into your local Apple Store and submit it for inspection to receive in-store credit. Or you can send it into the. If you choose to go the online route, Brightstar (the company that Apple works with to take recycled devices) will assess your iPad and offer you an amount based on the model and condition. It's not much money, it's definitely not as much as you could get by selling it through one of the other mentioned services, but if you really don't want to do the work and aren't worried about getting a lot of return on your old iPad, it's the easiest way to offload it. Wait, don't stop writing, I have more questions! We're not going anywhere! If you have additional questions about selling your old iPad, leave them in the comments below. Also check out our where you can get lots of great advice from people who've been buying and selling iPads for years. And, when you've sold, be sure to tell us what you did and how it worked out! Updated March 30, 2018: Updated in lieu of the release of the improved 9. 7-inch iPad, which now supports Apple Pencil!

First introduced in 2012, Apple s iPad mini was a welcome alternative to the much larger, thicker, and heavier 9. 7-inch iPad. There was no 5. 5-inch iPhone Plus, soPthe iPad mini made a great choice for light reading and effortless web browsing, email, and gaming. The market doesn t stand still, however, and we re now looking at a redesigned iPad Pro to be launched this summer thatPshould offer everything the current 9. 7-inch iPad features, but in a smaller footprint with a larger 10. 5-inch display. On the other side, there s theP5. 5-inch iPhone 7 Plus, which is large enough to negate the need for a tablet for many users. The device you take everywhere, that s always with you, that has the best camera, and that has everything else you need. The device that you already own. Therein lies the problem, and that s why we have heard from a source close to Apple that the iPad mini is being phased out. Not one to ever be shy about disrupting the company s own lineup, our source beats the Apple drum and states that there s fierce cannibalism of our own products and that the iPad mini has just been sized out of its own category.

We re also told that the numbers areP very clear as far as sales arePconcerned, which is most likely the biggest reason the company plans to eliminate the littlest iPad. It s not clear if Apple plans to continue selling the iPad mini for a period ofPtime without further updates, or if it willPpull the device at some point in the near future. Separately, while not a surprise, we re told Apple plans to share record numbers in the company s updates at WWDC 2017 that were not discussed in the recent earnings conference call. Additionally, the company s strategy concerning stock buybacks will continue. This could mean the company might leverage stock to help fund acquisitions ofPsmall and largePcompanies instead of having to pay cash, which Apple doesn t have much access to since most of itsPcash hoard is held overseas. Apple has resorted to issuing debt largely to fund dividends paid to shareholders due to the very issue of non-repatriated cash. If Apple is confident about the company s long-term outlook, then it s smart and less expensive to buy back stock at the current market value and then use that stock as part of a purchase strategy, instead of trading higher value stock in the future for the same transaction.

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