why do they speak welsh in patagonia

Patagonian Welsh ( : Cymraeg y Wladfa ) is the name given to the as spoken in, the Welsh settlement in, specifically in the province of. Teachers are sent to teach the language and to train local tutors in the Welsh language, and there is some prestige of knowing the language, even among those who are not of Welsh descent. The Welsh education and projects are mainly funded by the,
and the Welsh-Argentine Association. In 2005 there were 62 Welsh classes in the area and Welsh was taught as a subject in two primary schools and two colleges in the region of. There is also a bilingual Welsh-Spanish language school called situated in and a college located in.

As of 2016, there are three bilingual Welsh-Spanish schools in Patagonia. Patagonian Welsh has developed to be a distinct dialect of Welsh, different from the several dialects used in Wales itself; [ how? however speakers from Wales and Patagonia are able to communicate readily. Toponyms throughout the are of Welsh origin. A total of 1,220 people undertook Welsh courses in Patagonia in 2015. 2015 marked the 150th anniversary since Welsh settlers arrived in Patagonia. The 1865 settlement of Y Wladfa has started a number of well known traditions such as the Torta Galesa (literally Welsh cake) which is enjoyed throughout Argentina.

Today the province of Chubut, where most Welsh immigrants settled, has a population of 550,000 people. Of these, some 50,000 can claim Welsh ancestry and 5,000 speak the Welsh language. Since 1965, the Eisteddfod del Chubut, a poetry and song competition in Spanish and Welsh has become a key annual event in the provincial calendar. Eisteddfodau are long standing Welsh festivals that have been held since 1172. And the relationship between Wales and Chubut is supported by the commitments of the Welsh Government.

A memorandum of understanding was first signed in 2001 and re-affirmed in 2007. website was established in 2005 to document the history of the Welsh community in Patagonia in Welsh, Spanish and English. It includes digitised material of the history of the Welsh community in Patagonia. For more information on the links between Wales and Chubut and trade and investment opportunities with Wales for Argentine companies and businesses visit the website. The promotes and develops the Welsh language in Chubut. Each year three Language Development Officers from Wales develop the language in the Welsh speaking communities in Patagonia.

This is through both formal teaching and informal social activities. There is a permanent Teaching Co-ordinator from Wales based in Patagonia, who is responsible for the quality of teaching and a network of Patagonian Welsh language tutors in the region. The connections don t stop there! The Patagonia Instrument project in Wales sends musical instruments to the Welsh Association and education ministry in Chubut, which gives children in the region more opportunities to unlock their musical talents.

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