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why don t you sleep with me shut up

Давай, ну почему бы не поспать со мной
Давай ах и Ух, и дальше просто спать со мной (повтор 4 раза. ) Ты постоянно говоришь о девушке, а я ее не знаю Когда ты заткнешься наконец, когда мы пойдем Ты была молода, ты была свободна, Почему бы просто не поспать со мной? (повтор 1 раз) Давай, ну почему бы не поспать со мной Давай ах и Ух, и дальше просто спать со мной (повтор 2 раза) Ей не слушай тех, старых имбицилов Откройка свой разум, и послушай что он тебе хочет сказать Не бойся делать то, что умеешь лучше всех Давай, ну почему бы не поспать со мной Давай ах и Ух, и дальше просто спать со мной (повтор 2 раза) Давай, ну почему бы не поспать со мной Давай ах и Ух, и дальше просто спать со мной (повтор 6 раза и затихать) оригинал: Come on uh huh and sleep with me(repeat 4X. ) You were young, you re free, Why don t you sleep with me? (repeat 1X) You re open minded, at least that s what you keep on sayin Come on uh huh and sleep with me(repeat 6X, fade out. ) Несмотря на то, что текста как такового там мало, а тот что есть, очень двусмысленный, мысль которую нам пытались донести исполнители довольно верная.

Про предрасудки и крики слепого разума, исполнители правы. 28 сентября, 2008 This song sounds like it's about a gay guy who wants to have sex with a closet case. Look at the lyrics: "I love your body, not so much I like your mind In fact youdre boring, *pretend not being of my kind* He wants to go to bed with a guy who claims he's straight and has a girlfriend. I have no idea where the whole idea of religion came from. : yes yes ja ja it is all about a gay guy trying to sleep with a guy hes with -probably a close friend- that is afraid too come out of the closet. Pulse if you watch the music video on YouTube at http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=4upn3M4jtQY feature=channel_page Well, I don't really know about gay, but my interpretation is basically what sex has become these days.

People end up having sex for all the wrong reasons and with people they just met, or think they love but are not sure. They do it for a quick thrill. People try to pressure each other into having sex, just so they won't be a virgin anymore. Shut up and Sleep with Me implies the "LETS JUST DO IT" attitude without thinking about consequences or if you really love the person. The hell? This is song is so straight-forward (well straight isn't the right word) you're basically being slapped in the face with it. It's not religion, and it's not sleeping with a girl. Like f-fashion says, it's a gay guy. I'm just going to quote without explaining them because it'd be redundant. When will you shut up, and when will we go? " Youdre open minded, at least thatds what you keep on saying" I love this horrible song. For some reason whenever I'm sad, I listen to it and it makes me feel better.

But it's a bad song. You are young, you are free, why don't you sleep with me? Sounds like a fat diva lady is singing. i like it. This song is awful. But I always associate it with L from Death Note thanks to a fan video I once watched. Damn you YouTube! So I just found out that this song is actually about a gay guy. No wonder people like to play it on yaoi videos. im not completely sure but i think he wants to sleep with this guy. not sure though. The video clip for this is just. bizarre. And it's a bad song. But as to the meaning, I think it's fairly obvious. Duh, of course it's a reflection on religion, and not following "those old conventions". "Shut up, and sleep with me" is a metaphor for changing to a better religion and not preaching about your current one. Obviously the person the song is about claims to be open-minded, but isn't, really, because their religion conflicts. Well, that's my two cents. ;)

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