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why do the british hate margaret thatcher

Why did us brits hate Maggie Thatcher so much. well. She was horrible to the trade unions (the miners especially had reason to protest considering the awful conditions they went through. This would never be allowed in the UK today with all our health and safety stuff)
Privatization (The people were really against this back then. Many still are however they seemed to get ignored) I am sure you could look into it yourself and after 20 minutes see all the negatives. I also remember learning in politics class that she destroyed many of the constituencies of Labor supporter areas in turn reducing the amount of labor competition (less constituencies means less labor mp s it can also be seen as undemocratic). However I am not too sure on how true this is (as I was pretty stoned that day) By the way. The conservative party didn t even have faith in her at the end which is why she was replaced with John Major ППП GO GATORS!!!

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why do the british hate margaret thatcher
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