why do they speak french at the olympic ceremony

Many viewers tuning in to the 2018 Winter Olympics closing ceremony in PyeongChang, South Korea, were likely confused to hear French piping through the stadium loudspeakers. Why are people speaking French if the closing ceremony is in South Korea? There s a logical explanation. Why are they speaking French at the Olympics closing ceremony? The decrees that the organization s official languages are French and English. Given the dual official languages, it s customary for announcements at official Olympic events to be made in French, English and the language of the host country.

In this case, of course, that s Korean. Why is French one of the IOC s official languages? A Frenchman named Pierre de Coubertin organized the first Olympic Games of the modern era, which were held in Athens in 1896,. Coubertin s French heritage cemented the romance language in the IOC s culture, where it still remains today. In fact, the IOC charter even says that, In the case of divergence between the French and English texts of the Olympic Charter and any other IOC document, the French text shall prevail unless expressly provided otherwise in writing.

How did France perform at the PyeongChang Olympics? France lived up to its storied Olympic history by : five gold, four silver and six bronze.
English is not really the world language Even here in the USA. English, which was first colonized by the English and Great Britain, was never officially declared the national language. We don t have an official one set. French is still widely used around the world. A plethora of places in Africa have French as the official language. France itself and some other European countries have French as the national language too, like Belgium and Switzerland.

Quebec and some other parts in Canada also speak French fluently and regularly, however I m not sure if it s actually declared the national language there. I believe English is the national language declared in Canada but I have many friends in Quebec that say everything there is mainly in French/French Canadian. No French is not as widely used in the world as some other languages, but it is hardly dying. The Olympics are very traditional so they are probably sticking with the original as mentioned in this article above.

Plus you have to think of the nations that actually compete and participate in the Olympic games. English is the second official language of the Olympics. Out of all the countries that participate French and English might be the most commonly used by participants. IE There might be more French and English countries that participate than say countries that speak Spanish, Arabic, or so on. (And then of course they add the language of the actual host country as a third language so they can cover just about everyone)

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