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why don t white girls like asian guys

I am a woman and was born on a Caribbean Island nation by the name of St. Croix in the Virgin Islands. I am a Cruzan. So do I consider myself American. NO!! Though I do have citizenship, by morals no I am in no way American. I was taught and told Asian men have a lot going for them as do many other races of men. My mom alway made comments don t get you a dumb bummy dude. Get someone smart, educated, and kind. I look as thought I can easily pass for an African from Africa or African American woman from America. All my life since middle school up until now I look like I could be this person s cousin. I have also seen pictures, I maybe truly related to a lot of people. The sad fact to say is Asian men just like many other men of other cultures and women alike are chasing people who could not be bothered by dating them. I am not saying date exclusively your own race at all because if I did I would have kids now and having baby daddy issues. Im gladly a single college student working on a criminal justice degree in NY. No children but I have to say we all have to stop chasing this idea of ideal race and to be more western. Being western has it s advantages but their are many things that truly suck like all the processed or genetically modified food. Can I get a real orange for once in my life like back in the VI. NO!! Their all mutated and don t ship from there. The government is always experimenting some new drug or virus on it s own people. Hello if you have depression take a pill.

Really? Then after a few months you get side effect then a new pill to cure your side effect that also has more side effects. Damn lovely really just damn lovely. Thirdly Zika a virus created by the American government is now apparently paralyzing adults who get bitten by the mosquitoes, who have the virus long term. Point is being western blows. Hell sometimes all I wanna do is go back but sadly where I am from their barely any jobs, and tourism has been on a decline despite how beautiful the island and the people are. People on St. Croix are mutts really not an insult but my grandad is from Spain, my grandma Native American Taino. Did a genetical exam and I am Irish, Italian, Greek, British, and African, Spanish. When your home gets taken over by 9 countries before your born you become mixed like many caribbean people. I look as mixed as everyone else on the island no matter how dark or light their skin is. We have Asians too but I am definitely sadly not Asian as far as the test goes. Hoping that link Native Americans from Serbia works out though would be cool. Whole ice bridge theory. Sorry to go off topic but back. I just want a nice guy who is kind, good hearted, loves me, loves our kids if we have a chance to create any, and loves what he does pursue his career. I am at the point nobody is being friendzoned. Any body can have a date whether it s coffee or dinner with me. No sex though gotta wait a year and a half to two years.

Made the first official bf wait a year and a half not doing any sooner. I am sick of the spoiled men and women in America too. I am a bisexual and shall continue to be honest to you as I write this. It would be nice to go out on a date and not suddenly get stand up by a guy who is suddenly chasing down a girl with her legs open who he will see in 20 mins after she texts his phone. At the same time I am tired of being friendzoned by guys of other races looking for the same thing I am looking for. Yet the same guys who want the same thing I am looking for are so worried about dating only a certain race, or their own race they are missing the pot of gold in his class sitting next to him or at the library. Or maybe it s his lack of confidence, the fact he is chasing the white girl, who has no interest in him, whatsever is blocking both of our chances for happiness. Other races ladies and gentlemen other races please. I say this only because I have asked out Asians and have gotten rejected too. Freaking hurts and sucks.
Every now and then I get asked about Asian guys and white girls. I understand why some guys ask this; there is a very human tendency we all have to say, Well, that may work for you, but it's only because you're white / black / Asian / tall / muscular / super smart / naturally talented / some other thing outside of one's power to change. And no matter how much you tell people that that's just an excuse, many of them cling staunchly to this.

Chase is a white guy; what does he know about being Asian? In fact, I've had a number of Asian male friends who were very talented with white women. One of them was a Korean-American guy from Middle America who'd been a nightclub promoter and body builder and even when he was unemployed and not sure what he wanted to do with his life slept with tons of beautiful white girls more easily than most white guys can. Another was a short Chinese-born guy who seemed to literally will white women into bed by sheer persistence and charm. But I still get questions from Asian guys about Asian guys and white girls, so I asked another Asian friend of mine named Jerome - yet another Chinese-born guy who does very well for himself with European and American white girls back in the US and elsewhere - to write a guest post on the topic. At first Jerome was a little confounded when I asked him. What do you want me to write about, exactly? he asked confusedly. Just your experience with getting girls as an Asian guy. particularly white girls, I said. How's that any different from getting girls as a white guy? he asked me. It's not, I replied, but I've got readers who think it really is. You'd be helping a lot of guys out if you could just give your perspective. All right, he responded, but I'm telling you, it's exactly the same for an Asian guy as it is for a white guy. Without further ado, here's his post.

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