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why is my scalp tender to touch

My scalp (especially the two sides of my crown) feels very tender, itchy and painful. I have ignored it and hoped it would go away, I thought maybe it was a phase, but it has been going on for too long now. I had a baby four years ago, so it cannot be that. During the past six months, I have done more exercise, such as swimming and walking, as I thought that would rectify the problem, but it hasn't. I have no dandruff and the scalp looks white and clean, but it feels very red and irritable. Please tell me what it could be and how I can make it better. It seems likely that you have a condition affecting the skin in that area and a doctor really needs to look at your scalp.

It is easy to miss signs of inflammation in the skin when you're not used to looking for it. As your symptoms are mostly confined to the scalp, it seems likely that you have a form of
or known as seborrhoeic dermatitis. This does usually cause scaling, but in mild forms the scaling can be difficult to spot. It is a skin condition that can be treated relatively easily with shampoos and creams. Alternatively, your skin might be reacting to a chemical. It is possible to become sensitive, even, to substances that you've used for a long time. Look carefully at the shampoos and conditioners that you are already using on your hair.

It is hard to give an accurate diagnosis without seeing your scalp. It is best to go to your doctor to discover what is causing these symptoms. Last updated 12. 03. 2014 A medical doctor answers what may cause scalp tenderness above the ear. Many people want to know what might cause tenderness or soreness, even pain, on or in their scalp above the ear. I asked this question to John Whyte, MD, board certified internist in Washington, DC, and author of БIs This Normal? The Essential Guide to Middle Age and Beyond. Б Here is what Dr. Whyte explains: БIn terms of scalp tenderness, there are a range of diseases and conditions for which this could be a harbinger.

БBut the reality is that most of the time it is related to tension headaches. БWe think of herpes as a condition that primarily affects our mouth or genital areas, but herpes zoster actually can cause tenderness of the scalp. БOne of the most serious conditions which can cause scalp tenderness is temporal arteritis. б This is a condition which results in swelling of certain arteries in the head, typically around the eyes, but can also affect the side of our heads. There are almost always other symptoms such as vision changes and jaw pain. б This is a medical emergency and needs to be evaluated quickly.

Б DonБt panic if you discover some tenderness on or in your scalp above an ear. First ask yourself if you bumped your head in that location within the past few days. There could be a bruise from skin traumaБthe same kind of bruise that would appear on your thigh if you accidentally rammed your thigh into something sticking out; after a few days the skin is still tender to the touch. Another possible, and very benign, cause of tenderness at the scalp above an ear is the result of aggressive hair brushing. The hair has nothing to do with this pain or soreness; itБs the bristles of the brush making aggressive contact with the skin of the scalp.

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