why do they shut me out of heaven sheet music

The song begins questioningly and ends angrily, with Copland repeating the opening text and setting it almost identically in the music--but with different emotion. The soprano begins her pleading with the "minor" singing, then resorts to begging, and gets more desperate in repeating "Don't shut the door! " (The piano mirrors the emotions with an accelerando. ) The last stanza of the poem is set contemplatively. Finally, after the soprano's last outburst, the piano is impassive and emotionless in the postlude, as if Heaven simply did not even notice the outburst. Dickinson's poetry often deals with death and questions regarding an afterlife, and this poem is no exception. --Christie Finn Why do they shut Me out of Heaven?

Why do they shut Me out of Heaven? Did I sing too loud? Timid as a Bird! But don't shut the door! Oh, if I were the Gentleman
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