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why do they say remember the alamo

Remember the Alamo! It's a famous saying that was heard often in the
that helped shape the of the western United States. But what did it mean to those fighting those battles? The Battle of the Alamo took place between February 23 and March 6, 1836. It was a fight in the Texas. American who moved west into the land we now call Texas wanted a of their own instead of being ruled by. A few months before the Battle of the Alamo, these settlers Б who were called Texians at that time Б had driven out all the Mexican troops from Mexican Texas. The Mexican troops, however, would not go away quietly. On February 23, 1836, 1,500 Mexican troops led by attacked the Alamo Mission near San Antonio de Bцxar (what is now San Antonio, Texas). The mission was defended by fewer than 300 Texians under the command of James Bowie and William B. Travis. Despite the Mexican troops' in numbers, the two armies fought off and on for the next 12 days with few. On March 6, however, the Mexican troops advanced on the Alamo in three separate attacks. By the end of the day, nearly all of the Texian defenders had been killed.

General Santa Anna sent a few survivors ahead to tell others about the Texians' at the Alamo. The news caused a, and the remaining Texian troops, most settlers, and the newly-formed of Texas government fled from the Mexican Army. The Texians did not give up, however. Many of them were by what they thought was Santa Anna's during the Battle of the Alamo. Other settlers and adventurers were soon inspired by thoughts of to join the Texian Army. The and stronger Texian Army Б many of them shouting БRemember the Alamo! " Б defeated the Mexican Army at the Battle of San Jacinto on April 21, 1836. This final led to the end of the Texas. In the early 1900s, the Texas Legislature bought the old Alamo Mission and made the Alamo chapel an official Texas State. Today, the Alamo is one of the most popular tourist sites in Texas. It s 1820. While US America is working out the Missouri Compromise, Mexicans are saying hey we want some of that independence too, so they throw out Spain and crown an emperor, but he only rules for like a year or two before saying this isn t working and then Mexico has to write a constitution.

They have a lot of problems to solve. One of them is the territory of Texas, or as the Apache and Comanche call it, home. If the new constitution calls Texas a territory then the entire nation will be responsible for fighting the war with those guys, but if they call it a state it ll be too small to win that war. The compromise they settle on is to combine Texas with Coahuila and give them statehood together. Coahuila is small and poor and only able to defend itself because it s small enough and doesn t have Apaches living there, so of course there s no way for it to take care of Texas as well. The government of Coahuila y Texas decides that what they really need is more white people, white people who know how to run plantations and ranches and who will bring slaves and guns. So they open up immigration and start giving away land and before long Texas is chock full of English-speaking US-Americans with slaves and guns and absolutely no loyalty to the federal Mexican government. In 1829, the federals said you have to free the slaves, and Texas said no, and the federals said okay so no more immigration for you and you ll free the slaves in a couple years then?

Meanwhile, a general named Antonio de Padua MarГa Severino LГpez de Santa Anna y PГrez de LebrГn, or Santa Anna for short, was busy leading armies and defeating people. He defeated a Spanish invasion, a coup, his political opponents in the presidential election, and then his political opponents in another coup only he was okay with this coup because it was his coup. It s 1835. The states Oaxaca and Zacatecas and Coahuila-y-Texas went into revolt, so Santa Anna got his army and went out to defeat them. Texans (again, having zero loyalty) took this opportunity to remove Mexican troops and set up their own quasi-government. Santa Anna was kinda ticked off by this and declared the Texan army to be a terrorist organization - except that he actually called them pirates and said it in Spanish - who would be executed if captured and not considered prisoners of war. And that s exactly what he did to the Texans at the Alamo. So that s what remember the Alamo means: remember that time that Americans crossed an open border, took sides in a coup, were branded terrorists, and were executed on the spot.

Ultimately this was a disaster for Santa Anna, the first major campaign he lost. Supply lines were too long, Texans too pissed off, and the border too open to radicalized fighters pouring in from the American west. History being history, the story doesn t really end it just drags on and on, like how Texas ended up sorta making peace with the Apache, at least until getting US America to declare war on Mexico. Then there was that time that France actually conquered Mexico and that other time the German Empire tried to bring Mexico into WWI and lost the war instead. Santa Anna was allowed to return home and had many more ups and downs: sometimes he was exiled sometimes he was president of Mexico. He once buried his left leg with military honors and later had two prosthetic legs stolen by Illinois militiamen, one of which they turned into a baseball bat and the other into a roadside attraction. (Mexico still wants it back. )

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