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why is mayonnaise good for your hair

6. Safe Way to Kill Head Lice
Many dermatologists now recommend using mayonnaise to kill and remove head from kids instead of toxic prescription drugs and over-the-counter preparations. What s more, lice are becoming more resistant to such chemical treatments. To treat head lice with mayonnaise, massage a liberal amount of mayonnaise into the hair and scalp before bedtime. Cover with a shower cap to maximize the effect. Shampoo in the morning and then use a fine-tooth comb to remove any remaining lice and nits. To completely eradicate the infestation, repeat the treatment in 7-10 days. What works for me: Egg (doesn t have to be organic, but probably better). makes hair thicker, shinier and healthier immediately.

Mix with oil or even a great conditioner. I have used for years. I use right after I dye my hair in a good creme rinse or with coconut oil. Thickens hair immediately. I use the shower cap dryer method for 1/2 hr. , it last about a month or longer. Don t use more often, ends up dry and brittle and the opposite. Also vitamin D3 works with fall out immediately. But you have to take it daily. Your comb will be empty in days. If you don t wash as often, don t use blowdryer or heat, and use rag curlers, or sponge curlers after you wash, you will find your hair to be healthier, fuller, with less dryness and breakage. Henna is great for coloring, instead of dyes but sometimes messy.

Use colors with no ammonia for less baldness or fallout. Be gentile with brushing and combing, and wear your hair up alot more often. You will find nice oiled shampoo products may work for a season, then you have oil build up and will be searching for a clarifying shampoo. Best to use a gentle shampoo after oil and egg, or conditioning. Also Cholesterol (? ) a product used in cosmetology school works superb for all hair types. Use under hairdryer monthly, can buy on amazon. Vitamins, especially b s, d3, and eating protein are a must. Stress is truly a killer to hair as is heat/fireplace heat in the winter. I Love the putty I use, it gives moisture to my hair daily and removes all dryness.

It is the opposite of blow drying. I just instill moisture back in. Rub in hands, little at a time, slide down hair as it s drying. Garnier Fructis Style, Survivor Rough it Putty. Let dry, hair will plump up fuller. Use on ends especially, and anywhere dry. Not too much. Doing all this I gain 50 % fuller hair, when I stop, forget, or get too busy, I loose the same amount or it looks dry and shabby. Off to do an egg and coconut oil with an orange squeese conditioner. The orange works as a scalp astringent and kills excess oil build up, while adding new health. Those who loose their natural curls or fullness will love this. It brings them all back, bouncy, full and healthy. God Bless

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