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why do they say frack in battlestar galactica

" " was the title of a game released on the and in 1984, and later the. The game saw the user controlling a caveman called Trogg, who had to navigate maze-like scenarios and dispose of deadly obstacles; when coming into contact with such an obstacle or falling a substantial distance, Trogg would cry "Frak! "
"Frak" is used in the same sense as in Battlestar by characters in the early 21st century " " series of Games Workshop novels by. "Frak" is also used in the same sense as in Battlestar several times in the Warner Bros. / DC comics.

Specifically by the characters and Curtis Holt. An example can be seen in the season four episode "Lost in the Flood" at 22:05. A campaign in the United Kingdom aimed at banning, the controversial method of shale gas extraction known as, have organised themselves under the name.

I understand frak just sort of formed out of their want to say f*** on air (to seem edgy or something? ) without having to bleep it out. That's cool. Kind of inventive. Like reading sith spawn in Star Wars novels. But the thing is, they say it every other sentence. Literally. My roommate has been watching it lately, and i've sat through about three episodes so far, and I'm pretty sure they say it around fifty times an episode, and that's not even an exaggeration.

Frak sounds like the kind of thing they should use in a scarcity to the point where it's a fun drinking game. Five times an episode or so. Whenever they say it, it takes me out of the show because it's so silly. After they say it twenty, thirty, forty times in one episode, it just becomes unwatchable for me. Curse words should be used to spice up the language, and show when someone is really angry.

And they should be used in variation with other curse words. But they literally say frak or fraking every minute or two, and it's getting to the point where the dialogue is becoming predictable, and that is just poor writing. Thank god I don't find this show interesting to begin with, or I would be even more annoyed than I already am.

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