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why do we get nervous when we like someone

Ask your special someone open-ended questions. Open-ended questions are ones in which the answer is detailed, more than a simple БyesБ or Бno. Б Learning more about your crush will help you find things that you have in common and will help relax you. БWhat is your favorite thing to do when you have some free time? Б
БWhat is your favorite memory from your childhood? Б БWhere is the coolest place you've ever been? Б БWhat is your favorite thing about your family? Б БWhat is your favorite genre of music? Б БWhere is your favorite place to hang out? Б БIf money were no object, what would you do with your life? Why? Б БIf you could be an animal, which one would you be?

Why? Б БIf you could go on a vacation to anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why? Б БHave you traveled much? Where have you gone? Б БWhat is your favorite hobby? Б БWhat is the craziest thing you've ever eaten? Б Perhaps deep down you're scared you won't hug/kiss "properly" and your boyfriend will end up laughing at you for it, or even potentially break up with you for it. Or maybe you have a fear of intimacy/commitment that you haven't realized. This isn't the main reason why relationships don't last, it's actually because people have these kinds of issues and they don't COMMUNICATE with their partner.

So their partner has no idea why they act the way they do, which leads them to assume that they don't like them or there's some deeper problem going on that they don't want to talk about. Then they get upset and start making rash decisions and that's where the relationship goes down a bad road. If you want this relationship to last, tell your boyfriend how you feel. If you don't hug him/cuddle with him, but you don't explain why, he might assume it's because you don't like him that much, or that you think he smells bad or something. Just sit with him and tell him you feel nervous, tell him to take things slow with you.

Take things in steps. Too nervous for a hug? Start by holding hands. Have him talk to you to calm you down. Once you feel calm, then you can try for a hug and see how it goes. Gradually, you will overcome your feelings of anxiety/fear and you'll be able to hug him whenever you want! But a key part to success in any relationship is open communication. Many problems occur because couples didn't communicate properly, and someone makes a wrong assumption, and problems just snowball after this. If you communicate honestly and say how you feel, you can work with your boyfriend to make adjustments/compromises in the relationship along the way.

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