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why do the back of your ears smell

I'm and engineer, not a doctor. I too suffered from similar struggles. As an engineer, I have learned to challenge traditional thought including the PRACTICE of medicine. My research on the Internet yielded pieces of information but not an answer. I will now share the facts that I have learned and how I put it all together as an experiment (not the long version, then my result. This may or may not help. The one thing that I do want is to share the findings in my hope it will help others who struggle with these things are they are all interrelated in my opinion:
Body oils are normal and required. We disrupt the oil cycle by cleaning which is required. The body is then forced to replenish which is normal. All of our cleansers have scents and residues. The body responds to these with over or under production of oils. Under production equals artificially dry and or irritated skin. Over production attracts dirt, interferes with natural hormone secretions, leads to aid in acne problems and odors. Ridding the body of these and I'm certain a long list of other issues requires a contrarian view of caring for our bodies OUR WAY, not following commercial advertising influences.

I read an article that was an old age solution and used olive oil to turn off the bodies production of oil. That triggered a thought of what I had learned about Tea Tree oil from a prior study. I proceeded to wash as normal except this time, I used a tea tree leave in conditioner behind my ears (obtained from Sports Clips). This stopped the production of oil behind my ears and for the first time in years. NO OFOR BEHIND MY EARS. I then began using it on my face. my entire face. I started using it as a shaving cream, shave with a razor, then wipe my face with a dry towel leaving the residual conditioner on my face. ALL OF MY FACE IRRITATION, shave bumps, dry skin, acne issues ALL WENT AWAY. I studied more learning that the production contains 3 essential oils. Supposedly, they are the reason for my results. Unfortunately the stuff is not cheap and I cannot find it anywhere else. Key learning: DO NOT PUT PURE TEA TREE OIL ON YOUR SKIN! To tell you more would leave you in tears from laughing.

Next I challenged the fact that all deodorant leves my arm pits red and irritated. I googled and found a recipe to make your own and add a FEW drops of Tea Tree Oil (acquired on eBay) to test results. ALL REDNESS GONE! It worked. I use the Tea Tree Conditioner in my hair - Never dandruff again. Daughter got head lice- googled and found the reason the POISON (acquired by doctor didn't work is because they have become resistant to it). The Tea Tree Conditioner used regularly and alternately with Listerne (Learned by googling) ALL USED ON DRY HAIR and left in for awhile each time SOLVED THE PROBLEM. I have no interest in marketing a product. In fact I have a HUGE dislike of advertising in our modern day. My goal is to share my results with hopes of helping people. Please repost and credit "69mytwocents69" so I can see this information spread to those who may benefit. Just place at the end of your post. I will repost as well when I see an opportunity. Good like to everyone and please keep researching and learning how are commercial products are causing any of our problems.

If anything contained here helps you, please share it with others. Good luck in your search FOR common sense solutions and answers. It happens to a lot of people. Candida is a yeast that makes a cheesy or yeasty smell in areas that have cracks or folds like belly buttons and ear holes. not sure if its the same as the kind that makes feet smell that way http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Candida_(genus) try cleaning your ears with soloution of 1/2 peroxide and 1/2 water and just swab once or twice a day. I have a heavy natural musk around my neck and ears despite showering daily so I swab with peroxide and after rub a drop of diluted tea tree oil back there. it naturally keeps bacteria and yeasts at bay and tingles nicely so I dont have to worry about it until the next day. (this also made the cheesey smell go away in my DOGS ears forever after one week) just make sure to like 1/2 dilute it with some olive oil or any other oil. its strong and can irritate skin. ~ F. S. Bingo

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