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why does my headlight keep burning out

i dont think that you put them in wrong. if you look at the filement there are 2 metal wires that attack to it. one is slightly longer then the other. i put mine in so that the longer one is on top. example if you look at the front of you car looking at the headlight imagine a clock 12 on tip 6 on bottom. i made sure that the longer metal wire attached to the filiment was on top or at the 12 o clock position. i dont thing that they make a h7 bulb that is less then 55watts. none that i have ever seen. i really think that the problem is those crappy Sylvania Silverstars. they are only rated at 250 hrs. AS far as other installation problems that clip that holds in the bulb shouldnt have any effect making them burn out.

Its just there to secure the bulb in. but it is tricky to put them bulbs in. how about you try and were a pair of non powder latex gloves so that you dont get any finger prints on the bulb. and when you put them in try not to scrape the glass bulb on the headlight. I trully think that your problem is those darn Sylvaina Silverstars. those things are so junky and i know for a fact that other ppl have had them burn out within a year. They are so over priced to $50 a pair is highway robbery. try this sight and check these out. Or you can google Lazerblue h7 bulbs. $25 for a pair is pretty reasonable. but i really like how it light up the road and projects out very far.

It is a very white crip light. or try a pair of philips. they are supose to be good to. Here is another site that has a good selection of bulbs. the shipping is expensive but they have the Osram Silver Starts and Osram nightbreakers and a pair of Genuine VW performance h7 bulbs made by VW. they come in a blue tube carring case. i think it also comes with a pair of brighter whiter city lights to. another question. the headlight housing. on the back of the headlight do you have it securely locked in? there is a rubber seal that makes the headlight sealed. It keeps water and moisture out of the headlight houseing unit. one more question.

Do you have original headlights. what i mean by that is the whole headlight itself lense, reflector, wireing harrness all stock, or did you buy some aftermarket projector or any other headlights housing that are aftermarket. Check the wireing that connects to the headlight to see if there are any exposed wires or corrosion. maybe something is expose and getting wet or some wires are corroded and touching something. keep me posted. let me know if you deciede to buy new h7 bulbs or if you figuer anything else out. best of luck.
I've got an interesting problem, and I'm debating how to fix it. I've got a 1980 Polaris Centurion 500, and it keeps blowing headlights, not real sure why. wiring is good I believe, and i'm wondering if it is froming fluctuating current?

I know when I turn on the hand warmers that the light usually dims down some, and I was wondering if there is a fix to this. does it have a voltage regulator? Can I put one on it? I'm also considering changing the headlight. it's a sealed beam round light, and is very expensive to replace, i'm wondering if anybody ever converted one to a newer style light with the replaceable bulb. Any recommendations of what I should do? what kind of light should i get is there one that is more durable? Thanks for you help!

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