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why do we get grey hair at a young age

There are lots of choices for concealing gray, says Ron King, owner of Ron King Salon and bГ Salon in Austin, Texas, and a national spokesman for L'OrГal Professionnel. They include:
Semi-permanent or demi-permanent color : The color lasts a few weeks and is a good option for people just starting to see gray according to King. "If you have a lot of your natural colors running through, you donвt want to take that away," King says. "You can just blend it without disrupting what you already have thatвs already beautiful and natural. " Highlights : Scattered strands are lightened to blend the gray with the rest of your hair. Permanent color : King suggests using it once you have 45% to 50% gray. Some clients leave some gray around their face to make a statement. Hair products : If you donвt want to dye but still want to conceal the gray, King suggests a coloring tool such as spray-on airbrush hair, which washes out with a shampoo.

More young mothers, professionals, and even runway models are opting to "go gray," says Diana Jewell, author of Going Gray, Looking Great. "The myth that gray hair makes you old is just that -- a myth. If you were young, vibrant, active, healthy pre-gray, you're still going to be that way. It's all in the attitude you bring to it," Jewell says. "If you think of it as merely another color choice, you won't be afraid of gray. " Journalist Anne Kreamer went gray at 25 and spent an estimated $65,000 on salon color treatments over the next 20 years. She chronicled her journey back to gray at age 49 in the book Going Gray: What I Learned about, Work, Motherhood, Authenticity, and Everything Else That Matters. "Look at an Anderson Cooper or a Steve Martin or men who have historically gone gray early," Kreamer says. "I think they look terrific and it becomes almost an iconic differentiation for them".

The same can be true for women. But, she says, women have been brainwashed into believing gray is unattractive and undesirable. If youвve been dyeing, consider going "cold turkey" with a chic, short haircut. Work with a colorist to weave in highlights and use toners to minimize the transition line between your natural hair color and your former, Kreamer says. Get a modern haircut. King recommends a style with sharper edges, such as "a graduated bob of some type, some really smooth bangs, a really nice fringe. " Take care of your hair. Shampoos with a blue base can help prevent gray hair from developing a yellowish cast, says Jewell, who offers a list of products at goinggraylookinggreat. com. Using a conditioning mask once a month keeps hair well-moisturized. Use a flat iron to make your hair look sleeker and shinier. Gray hair tends to get frizzy, and "a flat iron on your hair brings back the luster to it," King says.

Enjoy your life. " is not determined by the color of a womanвs hair," says Cindy Joseph, a silver-haired model for Ford Models Inc. and CEO of Boom! By Cindy Joseph makeup line. "The ability to take joy in her life is what makes a woman truly beautiful. " В 2010 WebMD, LLC. All rights reserved. Thyroid Disorders The thyroid is a small butterfly-shaped gland in your neck that produces hormones. Those hormones have a hand in imaginable Бб metabolism, heart rate, menstrual cycle, you name it. So it's not totally surprising that your thyroid would be a key player in keeping your hair color as well. And when it gets a little out of whack Бб whether overactive or underactive Б you may notice some extra gray hairs. In fact, that thyroid hormones directly alter our hair follicles, including the areas that encourage the production of pigment.

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