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why do tetanus shots hurt so much

The tetanus vaccine is a toxoid, meaning that what they inject is not living attenuated bacteria, but rather the toxin that Clostridium tetani produces. This toxin is neurotoxic in that it causes intense muscle spasms (think the classic lock-jaw of tetanus). This is what kills people who get tetanus (tetany is medical-talk for sustained muscle contraction). The toxoid in the vaccine causes these muscle spasms and pain, but since there is no new production of toxin, your body recognizes, fights off, and then builds immunity to the disease. The same process happens without the vaccine, but unfortunately the body is usually not strong enough to not die in the process.

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Which adults should receive the tetanus vaccine? Are there any adults who should not get the tetanus vaccine? You should not get a Tdap vaccine if you have had a after a previous Tdap vaccine. You also should not get a Tdap vaccine if you have a history of or within a week following a previous Tdap vaccine. Talk to your doctor if you have a history of or other nervous system problems, severe pain or swelling in the past after a previous tetanus vaccine, or a history of either -Barre syndrome or chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy. It is OK to receive the tetanus vaccine during.

In fact, current guidelines recommend that all pregnant women receive a Tdap vaccine each time they are pregnant, specifically to prevent pertussis. Wait to get the Tdap vaccine if you have a moderate to severe acute illness. What are the tetanus vaccine ingredients? The vaccines are made up of tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis toxins that have been made nontoxic but they still have the ability to create an immune response. These vaccines do not contain live bacteria. Are there any dangers or side effects associated with the tetanus vaccine? It's important to know that, in general, the risk of problems from getting tetanus is much greater than from getting a tetanus vaccine.

You cannot get tetanus from the tetanus shot. However, sometimes the tetanus vaccine can cause mild side effects. These may include: Soreness, redness, or swelling at the site of the injection A ( ) is also very rare, but can result within minutes of being vaccinated. Symptoms may include: flushing, or swelling, or abdominal cramping, a fast heartbeat Call 911 or get to a hospital right away. Describe when you had the vaccine and what occurred. Have a professional report the reaction. В 2016 WebMD, LLC. All rights reserved.

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