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why do you live my life hilary duff

Since 2007's Dignity,
has been focused on her personal life: She married former NHL player Mike Comrie in 2010, had a son and then divorced in 2014. She's now back to the professional grind with a new show, TV Land's Younger, and a new album, Breathe In. Breathe Out. , due June 16 on RCA. The former Lizzie McGuire star, 27, gives her musical point of view. My favorite new-albumPtrack: "P'One in a Million. ' It's a 'f-- you' anthem about a guy who's not treating you right. " My biggest musical struggle: "Finding my actual voice again. If you're not using your voice, you lose confidence in it. " My pop hero: ". Growing up I was a huge fan -- along with every other girl. " My biggest mistake: "A terrible song, 'The Math,' on my first album. I got forced into recording it. It's just super cheesy. " My most emotional new song: "P'Tattoo,' co-written by. It's a beautiful song about a relationship ending and what it leaves behind. " My favorite fellow Disney alum: ". I commend her for not giving a f--- what people think. " My reality check: "I sang [2004 hit] 'Come Clean' on a radio show, and it made me feel old. I recorded that when I was 16. It means something totally different to me now than it did back then. " Listen to Hilary Duff (as well asPthe otherPartists featured in this issue)Pin the playlist below: This story originally appeared in the.

The "With Love" was directed by and doubles as the television commercial for Duff's fragrance. It was filmed at in. Three versions of the commercial, each with a different length (fifteen, thirty and sixty seconds), entered rotation on U. S. television networks in November 2006. Rolston said that he was asked to incorporate an element of intrigue and open-endedness into the commercial that could serve as a cross-reference to other facets of the With Love. Hilary Duff promotional campaign. Rolston responded by including allusions to films in which "women use hair and makeup and wardrobe to change their identities", citing (1958) and (1990) in that respect. He also included a designed to generate discussion among young peopleБ"It gives them something to about and be about", he saidБand adult elements that would help to introduce Duff to an older audience. The video begins with Duff receiving a for a performance. She goes backstage, where her entourage hands her a bag, coat and hat.

A man (played by ) who was standing outside the auditorium follows her to a hotel. In the lobby, Duff sprays With Love. Hilary Duff perfume on her neck, reverses her coat and puts on a black, giving her hat to an old black man whose back is turned. Pursued by the first man, she walks up a staircase, throws the coat off the railing, tears off her white dress to reveal black, and rips off the lower half of the dress. The man smells the perfume on her coat and follows her into an elevator car, where she teases him by pulling his tie. The cables holding the elevator car break, causing it to fall down the shaft, and Duff and the man embrace, kissing passionately. The video concludes with a title card that reads, ". to be continued. " The music video premiered on 's on February 8, 2007. It debuted on the Total Request Live countdown the next day at number eight and reached number one on eight subsequent countdowns, eventually being "retired" from the show after forty days on the countdown. In, the video reached number one on the Top 30, the first video by Duff to do so. For the video, Duff won the award for at the. A separate version of the music video was produced for airing on and its online DXD service on the page for.

This version of the video features Duff performing the song with her band in a studio and dancing. The alternate video also aired on Family, in Canada. cited the song, music video and commercial's cross-promotion of one another as an example of, and Ron Rolleston, Elizabeth Arden's executive vice president for marketing in New York, called it "an interesting evolution in [. ] The commercial stands independently, and the music video stands on its own, and they enrich each other. That's what's cool about it [. ] young people are engaged by different varieties and types of media". Rolleston said the campaign, the goal of which was to "[combine] advertising and entertainment", was "an interesting challenge [. ] If, advertising will save the video". called the video " -ish" and "like 's " " for the TRL crowdБsteamy hotel assignations, wigs, etc. " Sharon Dastur, program director at radio station, said that her first reaction to the video was, "'This is exactly the kind of song she should be doing. ' Hilary's more mature look completed the package. Her sound and image are a natural progression. "

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why do you live my life hilary duff
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