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why do you have to refrigerate peanut butter

Do You Have to Refrigerate Peanut Butter? A friend of mine always stores her peanut butter in the fridge after opening it. Is that necessary? No it s not necessary to refrigerate an opened jar of commercially manufactured peanut butter, says the. An opened jar of processed peanut butter will usually keep well for about 3 months when stored in a dark cupboard at normal room temperature.

And the major benefit of pantry storage, of course, is that it allows the peanut butter to spread more easily. That said, if you re not able to finish off the entire jar of peanut butter within a few months or if your pantry tends to get extremely hot and humid storing the opened jar in the refrigerator can help keep the peanut butter at optimum freshness longer.

Once refrigerated, it will generally remain at good quality for an additional 3 to 4 months.
To refrigerate or not is a serious question we ask about б in our kitchens. But when it comes to natural peanut butter, itБs especially important. Natural differs in that itБs just ground roasted peanuts, sometimes with added salt; it doesnБt include that make traditional PBs into a homogenized spread thatБs definitely not in need of a fridge.

Storing natural peanut butter in the fridge means a rock-hard product,б but many natural peanut butters instruct us to refrigerate on the label. WhatБs the deal?

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