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why do you have to be so mad

Sometimes feelings of anger or being mad is more than just emotions related to things people say or do that are really upsetting, but rather the ordinary and annoying things that occur all day every day. If you feel yourself, then there may be some underlying issues that has gone unchecked that is causing you to explode or lash out at others. Scenario Maggie is a busy mother of two, a wife, and a marketing associate for a large firm. Lately, she has been working late on an important account and getting home late into the evening. Her husband Joe has been great with picking up the kids from daycare, feeding them and getting them to bed. By the time Maggie gets home, the house is clean, kids are sleeping, and Joe is too. Maggie showers, get to bed and sets the alarm to get up and do it all over again the next day. This schedule had gone on for about two weeks when Maggie suddenly found herself snapping at Joe over little things. Maggie knew he had done nothing to deserve her ire, and she felt guilty over it, but every day there would always be something that would just cause her to let loose on him. When she snapped at her three-year-old, she realized she needed to get some help. She did not know why she was acting this way. Home was perfect. It was perfect because Joe was perfect, and he was doing everything he could to make sure it stayed that way. Maggie went to talk to her employee resource officer who referred her to a counselor.

After a few sessions, what Maggie found out was that she was actually angry with her partner on the project because of poor decisions and the inability for the two of them to agree on which way the ad campaign should go. Her partner was single with no kids and went out every night after they finished. Maggie was going home exhausted knowing that if she was working on the project by herself it would have been finished long ago. Maggie went to her supervisor, explained the situation, and was allowed to complete the project alone. She realized she should have done that from the beginning; but in a male dominated environment she did not wish to be perceived as not being a team player. She realized that especially if two women could not work together, it would only contribute the level of bias, which is already existing in the firm towards women. Maggie was angry with herself and annoyed at the situation. With no clear target for her anger, she was striking out where she knew it was safest to strike, at home, where she knew Joe was there to make it all right again. Discussion When we take things out on those we love it is often because we know they cannot fire us, and that because they love us and know us it is safe to do. However, it is. It is not healthy to hold onto stress to the point it starts seeping out into angry outburst over the smallest of details. When we do not confront the big issues, it is like tiny holes that slowly leak out our frustration.

It is best to confront issues head on, recognize possible obstacles and deal with them. Maggie recognized that is what she was expected to do when working on a campaign, but was afraid to apply that same principle when recognizing potential problems with a member of her team. Maggie is lucky that her firm has an employee resource officer to make the appropriate referral for help. Not everyone has someone to provide information or resources for help, but most everyone finds themselves in a situation from time to time where they are stressed and need. Do not allow the big things to make you sweat the little things.
, БWhy You Heff to be Mad? Б is a memorable quote said by Russian professional ice hockey goaltender Ilya Bryzagalov in response to a journalistБs question about his fellow Anaheim Ducks teammate Chris Pronger during a post-game interview in 2006. In 2006, Ilya Bryzagalov, the goaltender for the National Hockey LeagueБs Anaheim Ducks at the time, participated in a post-game interview with the Canadian sports news outlet The Score. During the interview, the reporter asked the athlete how he felt about his fellow teammate Chris Pronger who joined the Anaheim Ducks after a controversial departure from the Edmonton Oilers, to which Bryzagalov responded: БThatБs a hockey, ya know? ItБs only game. Why you have to be mad? HeБs a good guy. He may be tired to live here because here is a November month is a -32.

Could you imagine? ItБs a eight months and eight months and a year snow. Б On December 18th, YouTuber greyszee uploaded the interview clip in which Bryzagalov incredulously asks the question Бwhy you have to be mad? Б in a Russian accent. In the following seven years, the video gained over 900,000 views and 1,400 comments. On December 1st, 2007, The Chicago Maroon student newspaper highlighted the video in a blog post titled БWhy you have to be mad? ItБs a hockey. Б The clip remained relatively unknown until June 23rd, 2011, when HF Boards member Mosetter27 posted the video in a thread requesting an explanation of BryzgalovБs statements. On November 10th, YouTuber meRyanP reuploaded the clip, gaining over 2. 6 million views and 2,600 comments in the next three years. On February 23rd, 2012, YouTuber Emil Axelsson uploaded a video titled БEA Sports, itБs only a game! ,Б which featured an animated logo for the video game company followed by the Bryzagalov clip (shown below, left). On August 6th, YouTuber tjeaton2405 posted a remix of the Bryzagalov clip (shown below, right). On June 12th, Redditor Kablooey88 submitted YouTuber RyanPБs upload of the video to the /r/youtubehaiku subreddit, where it gathered upwards of 1,700 upvotes and 25 comments. On September 14th, a Facebook page titled БItБs only game, why you heff to be mad? Б was launched.

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