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why does my hair get oily overnight

Thereвs honestly nothing more frustrating than washing your hair at night and waking up with greasy looking hair the next morning. It just shouldnвt happen. Whatвs the point in cancelling plans with your friends to have Вa date night with your shampoo, if you wake up in the morning and have to put it up in a messy topknot. Again. But is it the fact that youвre washing your hair at night thatвs giving you greasy hair? We asked experts whether. The verdict? Itвs not great for the health of your hair, but itвs not necessarily making it greasy. What
is happening, is thatВ youвre not allowing your hair to dry naturally before bed. So, instead of your roots drying and lifting, they get flattened.

Then, when you wake up, you look like youвve got limp, greasy hair. The worst part is, it can happen with any kind of shampoo. Even if youвve used a volumising shampoo. And it doesnвt matter if you skip conditioner. If your hair dries while itвs smoothed down, it will look lifeless when you try to style it. Especially if you have long hair. In fact, if you need to find a shampoo for greasy hair, try So, if you plan on washing your hair at night, make sure you dry it before you go to sleep. That way, your hair wonвt be in a compromised state as you toss and turn in bed and youвll wake up with hair that looks healthy, clean and shiny. But, if you do find yourself in this predicament one morning, try one of these.

I use baby powder as dry shampoo (and it works GREAT! ), the talc kind, but my hair is dark blonde in some areas and light blonde in others. Even some brunettes can maybe get away with it, if you rub it in and then blot it out. However, I don t like scents at all, so I looked into alternatives. Apparently some brands of dry shampoo are made with rice flour or rice starch (whichever is the finest, used for baking I assume), with a few other ingredients, so I assume you can cut the other ingredients out? And I also read you can use corn starch. So I am presuming anything very fine textured and flour like would work.

I thought about buying rice flour or corn starch at healthfood store, to use instead of baby powder, but never got around to it. I think talc powder makes some people sneeze, and I heard women who use it down there have higher rates of cancers of that general area. though still very small risk. so I may change eventually (even though I don t use it down there, but it scares me to think I m breathing it in), but right now I do like the talc baby powder. I think dark hair could probably get away with it, because you can brush or towel-rub it out. It works by literally soaking up the grease!!!!!! Also, I noticed if I don t take my fish oil, I have way less oil on my scalp and can go another day without washing.

But I feel the fish oil s important. I think any oils can leach out of the scalp, you may notice if you take a lot of oils. But they are so important! I will wear a baseball cap too if I have to go out in public and my hair is greasy, and I am too lazy to do baby powder. I just only have the energy for a certain number of showers per week. When I have bad body odor, I use alcohol swabs used for pre-injection, and wipe under my arms. for me it doesn t sting. I like them because they kill the germs that cause the odor and aren t loaded with scents. Then I will use acne pads on my face and back. Complicated, I know. but I am seriously fatigued.

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