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why do we have gravity on earth

The reason is the mass of the Earth. Its mass creates a gravitational field around it so anything that is inside the gravitational field of the Earth, would feel the gravitational force the Earth is exerting on the object. In the same way because of Newton's third law, the Earth would feel a gravitational force towards the object of the same magnitude it exerts over it. The core of the Earth contains convecting currents due to highly conductive fluids, this creates electric currents which are the cause of the Earth`s magnetic field.

The force of gravity acts between two objects of any mass, and since the mass of the Earth is bigger compared to a simple object as a car, then the Earth attracts any object. The reason is that any body creates a gravitational field around it, so the massive the object, the stronger the gravitational force it exerts. Also since the gravitational force is inversely proportional to the square of the distance, then the closer it is the strongest is the gravitation force
Anything that has mass will have gravity ( Exhibit a phenomemon called gravitation) not just black holes.

One way of understanding gravity was put forth by Newton as his law of gravitation. As @christo said, there is no clear knowledge of why it has gravity. A more generic way to put it would be to say, anything that has mass curves the space around it. The force or gravity you would feel can be considered as the way you are being forced to follow the curved lines instead of your intended path.

This is how Einstein's general theory of relativity explains gravitation. In quantum mechanics, It is speculated that gravity is caused by exchanging particles called gravitons, think of it like the way you would play catch with your friends. Multiple objects having some mass throwing small balls called gravitons at each other. There is no evidence for the existence of gravitons yet, but it explains a lot of things in the quantum realm.

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