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why does beer freeze when you open it

Why does beer only freeze when you open it? I like really cold bottled beer. But when I put it in the freezer, why is it liquid until I take the cap off and then freezes? Claire, Holloway
** Definitive ** Name: Daniel, Chiswick Answer: Liquid can only freeze as crystals. The crystal needs something to hold on to.

In a bottle, the liquid has nothing to seed on. When the cap comes off, it bubbles and the crystals have something to seed on. Answer: It's due to pressure. When it's in the bottle, it's pressurised. When the cap comes off, that is reduced and it freezes. Do you know the answer? Let us know in the box below.

While I ve already sent this to a scientific consulting group, and am waiting a reply, it occurred to me that the Internet at large might be quicker: Last night I took a bottle of Corona beer out of the freezer (it d been in there for about an hour). It wasn t frozen at all. I opened it, and sat it on the counter.

I then cut a slice of lemon, dropped it down the neck, and proceeded to watch the ENTIRE BOTTLE of beer FREEZE INSTANTLY before my very eyes. I m sure we learned about how such things happen back in 5th grade. But that was certainly long enough ago to justify my forgetting. Does anybody know what caused this?

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