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why is charlotte nc called the queen city

1st 2nd among 25 largest cities for most desirable place to purchase a home (Nerdwallet. com)
2nd in the best areas for job-seeking college graduates (Careerbliss. com) 5th 6th among top 10 hot cities for IT jobs in 2013 (Modis, Inc. ) 7th among the top Spring Break destinations for families (Livability. com) top 10 cities for newlyweds to live and work (Rent. com) 8th top 10 big booming cities (CNNmoney. com) 9th top 50 cities with the most job openings per capita (Beyond. com) top 20 best cities for businesses and careers (Forbes. com) 9th 17th largest city in the U. S. in total population top 10 БTree CityБ ImaginOn, the top ranked childrenБs museum in the country (Livability. com) Charlotte city officials have taken up a challenge from their Cincinnati counterparts to compete in a social media challenge dubbed the Queen City Bowl.

The idea is to БdetermineБ which city really deserves the nickname Queen City.

The actual competition will be determined by the outcome of SundayБs NFL game between the Carolina Panthers and Cincinnati Bengals in OhioБs version of the Queen City. But the social media aspect has been launched to help increase interest in the competition. In advance of the game, Charlotte-area residents are being asked to participate in the event through social media. You can learn more about the competition at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg website,.

You also can follow updates on social media by using #QCBowl on Twitter or by БlikingБ. For the record, Charlotte claims ownership to the Queen City nickname because Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz was the wife of King George III of Great Britain. Cincinnati claims ownership because the city became known as БThe Queen of the WestБ as its population grew in the late 18th Century with Americans pushing westward along the Ohio Valley.

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