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why is cell phone data so expensive

Technically, no they aren t. Like the subsidiaries using AT T s service aren t giving you 4G last I checked. Anyway, that s just how it is op. Be thankful you aren t paying like $40 for 200 min at the dawn of the millennia. There s always these smaller companies mentioned in this thread though. I m with T-Mobile right now paying $30/month for 100 min, 5gb 4G data, unlimited text. you can t find the plan on their website though, lol. p. s. Verizon has $45/month for 1gb data right now if you get Verizon Edge (that thing where you buy the phone in payments).
It all comes down to bandwidth. That is, the amount of available wireless space, or spectrum available for phones to access. The more spectrum, the faster the speeds that mobile devices can access. On Wednesday, Telstra introduced Category 11 4G, which has theoretical speeds of 650mbps. Those are speeds that nearly everyone will have no use for, especially with data limits in the single digits.

But the real advantage of having that much potential speed is that it enables users to still have a great data experience even if people are using more data. Think of it as being stuck in traffic, and then having an extra lane added, allowing more cars to join the highway and travel faster. Category 9 and 11 will let more phones on the network to download at higher speeds than ever before, allowing data costs to go down, Telstra s group managing director of networks Mike Wright told news. com. au. At the moment, telcos base their data inclusions in your plans around how much they think their networks can handle without slowing down. If everyone had unlimited mobile data and was constantly streaming high-definition Netflix, the networks would grind to a halt.

But as the technology develops like Telstra s new Cat 9 and Cat 11 networks which enable 450mbps and 650mbps respectably data caps can rise. We ve seen this happen since the introduction of 4G, with our data caps slowly rising. Just 12 months ago with the release of the iPhone 6, Telstra was offering their $95 plan with only 2. 5GB of data. This year it comes with 7GB, more than double. The same can be seen at the other telcos, with Optus and Vodafone both offering 12GB of data on their $100 plan compared to 8GB last year on Optus and 6GB on Vodafone. Mr Wright said we can expect this trend to continue as telcos continue to upgrade their networks. He also spoke about how much more potential 4G has left in it before 5G is really even thought about in a commercial way. There s a lot of runway left on 4G development, he said. 4G will continue to evolve.

We ve gone through Cat 6, to now Cat 9 and Cat 11. 4G will hit gigabit per second in its lifetime. It s not just mobile phone speeds Telstra is looking to use 4G with either. The telco this week rolled out voice over LTE, which means your phone calls are delivered over the 4G data network rather than the typical 3G call network. This results in much faster call connections and clearer phone calls than ever. The telco is also working on LTE broadcast, or the ability to broadcast video straight from the 4G tower. At the moment Mr Wright says they re looking to try and implement the technology at sporting stadiums, where users can download apps and watch things such as real-time replays. If that s still not exciting enough for you, you can expect to see 5G networks rolled out in limited commercial areas before 2020.

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