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why do we need to learn about other cultures

As far as weБve come as nation, many Americans express fear, hatred, intolerance, or confusion towards other cultures. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, when someone has a fear or hatred of strangers or foreigners, he or she suffers from xenophobia. Sadly, xenophobia can lead to violence and discrimination. America has been a Бmelting potБ since its inception, so for many Americans it may be surprising that such negative feelings towards other cultures can exist. Xenophobia can affect your neighbors, your family members, your friends, trusted officials in your community, and even you. Rather than fueling the harmful negativity, here are some benefits to learning about other cultures:
Reducing Xenophobia When someone suffers from xenophobia, he or she likely feels hatred or fear towards strangers or foreigners because he or she is simply lacking accurate information about another culture. If more people took the chance to learn about different cultures, xenophobia could be less prevalent. For example, your neighbor may fear the Muslim family that just moved into the neighborhood. When you ask her why sheБs so fearful and hateful, all of her feelings stem from what she perceives from the media.

If your neighbor took the time to get to know the new family, she would most likely see that she shares some commonalities such as a love for gardening, cats, and reality television. One of the major problems of xenophobia is that many people are too БsetБ in their feelings that they arenБt willing to branch out and learn about other cultures. Enhance Your Lifestyle Think about some of your favorite cuisine. Without cultural influence, your daily food options would be pretty boring. Love the artistry of sushi or the rich, comforting flavors of Indian food? You can thank other cultures for the variety in your life. Not only can other cultures make for a more colorful dining experience, but is interesting and can broaden your views on everything from food to clothing to religion and politics. Learn How to Interact with Other Cultures Some people, who are xenophobic, base their negative feelings off of how they perceive the actions of strangers. For instance, some Asian cultures do not use direct eye contact and many Americans may view that as a sign of disrespect, where in fact it is a way of showing respect.

Cultural differences can cause a lot of misunderstandings and may lead to irrational feelings of hate and fear. You may gain a by simply taking the time to learn about another culture. However, itБs important to remember that you shouldnБt assume that everyone of a certain culture is the same (as Americans are not all the same). See the World Through Another PersonБs Eyes By taking the time to learn about someoneБs cultural background, you may have a better understand of their life. For example, many people assume that refugees and immigrants come to the U. S. for БfreeБ things, but in reality many of them are escaping a war torn country. Learning about another culture can open your mind, your heart, allow you to, and reevaluate your own life and culture. Please read and correct this essay. thanks. Admittedly, throughout the history, cultural differences lead to misunderstanding, lack of respect and conflicts between countries. Studying cross culturals enables to benefit from other experiences and helps in developing a sense of mutual understanding. In today s world it is necessary to study other cultures in order to minimize differences, creat harmony between societies, benefit from each other and avoid coflicts.

The main goal of this essay is to illuminate some good aspects of culutral studies. To begin with, the necessity of cross cultural studies comes from the fact that there is no inferior culture. All cultures have some positive sides that can be beneficial for all Mankind. For example, special foods and drinks in some societies are proved to be healthy but not known elsewhere. Another example is some traditional sports which are very exciting but they exist merely in a few countries. If these games studied and given chance to played in other ountries, there will be competitions between teams in different countries and that may lead to positive relations between various nations. By studying other cultures, nations benefit from each other and be closer to one another. When we know about other societies and understand their cultures, there is likelyhood to minimize the conflicts and maximise cooperation. The conflicts most of the times stem from misunderstanding of others behaviours and even speeches which are resulted from different cultures. Being informed about others cultures allows good understanding and consequently strengthens relations between nations.

It also helps maintaining peace and love between states regardless of their origins, religions and languages. By studying others culture we will certainly respect them and work together with them for the benefits of all. Undoubtedly, when we undeerstand others we can establish good relations and be able to prompt economy and other domains. There will be more multinational firms which will work in different societies with various cultures and custmors. However, Unless the decision makers of these companies are trained and have knowledge about other nations cultures, their business will not succeed. An entreprise which is established in an african state will not get good results unless its responsibles have knowlege about african clients needs which are shaped by their culture ; hence, they have to know about that culture. To conclude, cross cultural studies are very crucial to maintain better relations between nations and to enrich universal culture. The decision makers should, therefore, think of several measures to enable sudents know about other cultures in order to respect them and benefit from its advantages.

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