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why is life like a box of chocolates

Hi Fiona, I actually sent this one a few days ago but may not have got to you as It s not on the site yet. I m actually glad it hasnБt been as it was full of typos П I was really tired at the time. Anyway if you see my original message for can you please disregard it as this is my updated message. Thanks. Hi Fiona Everyone,
I discovered this website two weeks ago after seeing a YouTube clip on the Berenstein/stain Bears. I m Australian and didnБt really know the Berenstein Bears so I wasn t that interested. However, I googled The Mandela Effect cause it sounded interesting. That s when I found this site. My mind was instantly blown as with most of the changes being discussed I hadn t even realised that these changes had occurred in the first place and just thought everyone here was nuts. So I spent hours googling things like Interview with a Vampire and Loony Toons over and over again only to find that these changes were real. It felt like I was dreaming and just stared at Wiki and online images etc. I couldnБt find a plausible explanation to what I was reading and seeing. Since then I haven t stopped investigating this phenomenon as I know for an absolute fact that these changes in our reality have occurred. I remember watching a video of an astrologer about a year ago who warned to not be too unsettled when we start to notice changes in our reality or notice our friends and family members having different memories to our own about certain events.

She said that the time lines are beginning to merge into one. I ve also heard that there is a time line or time stream for every possible scenario in our reality. I remain open minded about this subject, however I do believe in time lines or time streams. Interview with A Vampire This is not even debatable for me as I ve labelled a copied version before. When I confirmed the new БTheБ name in wiki I couldnБt believe my eyes. This is the one that took me from 50% chance Mandela effect is real to 1 million %. Mirror Mirror, not Magick Mirror Ummmm. This is just a no brainer isn t it? Fruit Loops, not Froot -I believe this change is very recent as I purchased a box last year and it was still БFruitБ then. Looney Toons -this one got to me so bad I had to go for a walk. Tunes doesn t even make sense to me we re watching carTOONS. Definition of Tunes: A melody, especially a simple and easily remembered one. Brian Dennehy Dying -I distinctively remember him dying around the late 2000s somewhere or maybe more recent. Volvo Sign БIБve known a few Volvo drivers and would have remembered it because it s the friggin male symbol.

Who wouldn t remember that? Haley s Comet not Hally s Б I was in Primary school during HaleyБs comet and we all had to do a project on it so I remember the spelling clearly and my spelling would have been checked by my teacher. Star Wars I have memories of both No Luke (pause) I am your father and Luke (long pause) I am your father. Now we get a watered down version of No, I am your father which sounds and feels completely different and far less dramatic. Dilemna, not Dilemma- Just today I was reading a major news website online and the journo writing this particular article wrote The US and Britain have faced a near impossible dilemna Б Now I had seen this one discussed on this website however hadnБt actually confirmed the change yet. So I I looked up the word dilemna in an online dictionary and it says do you mean dilemma? And it gives you more suggestions for your search. So are we meant to believe that journalists in major newspapers don t know how to spell? Life БisБ like a box of Chocolates not БwasБ Б This movie was huge and IБve watched it about a dozen times. ItБs another famous quote that apparently we have all misquoted. Putting this quote in its past tense is like saying Бyou couldnБt handle the truthБ or Arnold Schwarzenegger saying БI came backБ.

Just ridiculous. I have some personal Mandela effects too but I ll leave that for another post. Thankyou Fiona for this website. This is the only website that I know of that provides us with a platform to openly discuss this phenomenon and share our memories and experiences which is just what we need. : Remember what I told you Forrest. You're no different than anybody else is. Did you hear what I said, Forrest? You're the same as everybody else. You are no different. : Your boy's. different, Mrs. Gump. Now his IQ is 75. : Well, we're all different, Mr. Hancock. : I want to show you something, Mrs. Gump. : Now this is normal. Forrest is right here. The state requires a minimum IQ of 80 to attend public school, Mrs. Gump. He's going to have to go to a special school. And he'll be just fine. : What does normal mean anyway? He might be. a bit on the slow side. But my boy Forrest is gonna get the same opportunities as everyone else. He's not going to some special school to learn how to retread tires! We're talking about five little points here! There must be something that can be done. : We're a progressive school system. We don't want to see anybody left behind. Is there a Mr. Gump, Mrs. Gump? : He's on vacation.

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