why do we need love and affection

As a mom, itБs hard to miss how amazing kids are at making friends. They love to play and mix with other children. They have an insatiable desire for bonding, connecting and sharing! As we get older, the dynamic shifts. Most of us have suffered too many broken hearts, disappointments and failed relationships to be completely socially free. Some of us even make the mistake of believing that love after 60 simply isnБt important any more. Why Do We Need Love and Affection So Much After 60? Some animals live solitary lives. Not human beings. We are hard-wired to be social creatures. As we get older, we may learn to treasure our independence, but, in our heart of hearts, we still crave attention and love. We may be surrounded by concrete and glass, but, on the inside, we are still Бcave women. Б We have a strong, primitive desire to sit around the campfire, with friends and family, telling stories into the late hours of the night. To help gain some insights into the importance of love after 60, I turned to loneliness expert,. бKory is a Professor of Communications at the University of Arizona. He has been studying loneliness and the
in life for over 20 years. I hope that you enjoy our interview.

Please give it a watch. Then join the conversation at the end of this article. During our interview, Kory supports the idea that social connections are a critical part of living a healthy life. If anything, this is especially true for older people, who donБt always have the built-in social activities that younger people enjoy in their lives. Next, Kory offers some powerful advice for how to embrace and nurture your basic need for love and attention. This is a topic that he goes into in much more detail in his book, Б. Б In his book, he reminds us that being surrounded by people is not enough. We need relationships with a sense of depth, sincerity and authenticity. By the way, not only single women who suffer from loneliness. Kory reminds us that women in unhappy relationships feel alone too. This is such an important insight and I have heard exactly the same thing from many women in ourб community. As with so many things in life, the hardest step on the road to building new friendships is the first one. As older women, if we want to meet people, we need to take an emotional risk and reach out. In order to do this, according to Kory, we need to spend some time examining how brave we really are.

Then, we can see inviting affection and love into our lives as a challenge. We need to constantly remind ourselves that making real social connections is worth the risk. After all, friends are not a Бnice to haveБ Б they are essential to getting the most from life after 60. Do you find it easy or hard to make friends? Why do you think this is? Please share your experiences so that we can learn from each other. Let's Have a Conversation! To be liked, viewed with warmth, and treated with care. We seek affection particularly from our family and those who we want to be our friends. We also constantly monitor the affection we are receiving as a measure of the status of our relationships. The opposite of affection is indifference, where a person is ignored or even avoided. A mother shows great affection for her children, who consequently grow up feeling secure and able to love others. A manager shows affection for his team, although he is also a hard taskmaster. Knowing that they are liked, the team work hard. Affection is warmer than simple liking, although they are closely related. It includes a closeness and concern that builds strong.

Affection starts at a very early age with the infant and mother. It then spreads to family and friends and even further. A person with a sunny disposition has affection to share with everyone. A person who was neglected as an infant may find relating to others very difficult. Affection is a component of love but is not the same thing. For example you can have affection for friends without loving them. is a complex emotion that can have strong components such as possession and desire. Affection can be viewed as a softer form of love where the other person is accepted and liked as they are without further complication. Care is a component of. We trust people who like us and care about us. Affection also implies trust and those who have been betrayed may give their affection less easily as well as treating displays of affection with caution and cynicism. So what? If people like you, then they are more likely to trust you and listen to your propositions. A simple way to get people to like you is to like them first. Show affection. Be a 'people person'. Demonstrate that you care. Only then ask them to agree or buy from you.

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