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why do we study government in school

Becoming an informed citizen is one of the most empowering things an individual may strive for. It is the aim of our topic offerings to bring this objective to fruition and we believe this offers wonderful preparation for employment in a host of interesting areas. The study of Politics and Public Policy also develops specific skills and knowledge that provide an advantage for a wider range of employment opportunities, including with the world's biggest employer, the public sector. Our topic offerings aim to deepen your understanding of the fascinating world of politics and policy development. Most importantly, your studies of politics and public policy will help you develop the invaluable ability to think clearly about nature of political values, political power and public policy and management at the local through to the international level. At both undergraduate and postgraduate levels students engage in both theoretical and real life analysis of politics and public policy. To enhance their understanding and experience, students can undertake an internship in politics or public policy.

Employers want their professional workforce to know the social, economic and government forces that impact on their core business, be it in the private or public sector. Many Politics graduates enter the State or Commonwealth public service or local government where interesting careers may be forged. Others are employed to advise politicians, ministers or political parties; and few journalists can do without a foundation in political studies. The word of non-government organisations also find a grounding in politics and policy to be critical to their success. Our international relations study programs provide a comprehensive understanding of key political, social, economic and strategic relations within the global community and how these translate into policy areas such as trade, economic development, tourism, foreign affairs, education, migration and human rights. They provide the knowledge, international awareness and communication skills to prepare our students for successful careers in internationally focused organisations. With formal links with many world-class universities and organisations, we provide our students with a wealth of opportunities to study abroad and develop work ready skills, through practical industry placements and internships available locally, nationally and internationally.

These include six internships in the United States Congress every year.
Sixth Form students Jess Houston, Chris Bowe and Sam Steward offer 5 reasons why they believe every teenager should study A Level Politics. Government and Politics is a fantastic A-Level that has shown us just how great an influence Politics has on us and has broken the illusion that we are disconnected from it. Recent months have seen the Scottish Independence referendum, attacks on free speech in Paris and, crucially, the General Election in May is now on the horizon. Aside from the huge benefits that this course brings with it in terms of an understanding of events that are happening around us, here are our Top 5 Reasons to study Politics: 1. Politics Helps You to Know Your Rights The course has allowed us to see beyond our initial belief that we have no real say in the running of our country.

It has truly educated us on a fundamental part of our society and has helped us to understand that if we engage in political processes, using the pressure points built into the system, then every individual really does have the opportunity to change the world. 2. Politics Clarifies What You Yourself Believe Studying the things we have studied has given us the opportunity to discover our own political beliefs and to see in much greater detail the benefits and disadvantages of the vast array of political ideologies that are present in the world today. Being able to express what you believe accurately and concisely is extremely useful, and forces you to really look at yourself! 3. Politics is a Living, Breathing Subject In Politics, textbooks go out of date the day they are published. Why? Because the political landscape changes every day, with new examples appearing constantly in the media. Picking which examples to use in your answers to essay questions is really exciting as something that has happened on the day you are taking your A Level exams can appear in your response! 4.

Politics Helps You to Understand Our Nation's Parties After just one term of the subject we have learnt about democracy and our rights, ideologies and party policies, the Constitution and Parliament. With the knowledge gained from the classroom, we have been able to watch events unfold worldwide, have seen our leaders' reactions to these events and have come to understand these reactions as demonstrations of what we have learned. 5. Politics Prepares You for Adult Life The world of British politics really opens up to teenagers after our eighteenth birthdays, with the vote giving us the ability to change our nation and allow the principles we hold dear to thrive. With this in mind, it could easily be said that Government and Politics is the most applicable subject on offer at any school, and is a subject that people should be encouraged to take due to nothing less than the way it prepares you for entering the adult world. Learn more about the Politics department at Bede's

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why do you need to study political science
why do we study government in school
why do we need to study political science
why do we need to study government
why do we have to study political science
why do we have to study politics
why do we have to study political science