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why do we study english language in nigeria

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It is hard to imagine the modern world without the English language. It is in the top three of the most spoken languages in the world. English has become the lingua franca of travel, business, and international communications. In fact, Nigeria is ranked 4th among countries with the highest population of English speakers. But how important is English for us? Nigeria is a country where different cultures and ethnic groups are mixed. There is a variety of tribes and each of them have their native languages. So how can people understand each other if the languages are so different? Here is where English comes in. It became the language of corporate environments such as Airports, School, Post Offices, etc. English has become a way to connect with each other even when you are from different ethnicity. But what is the importance of English language for students? READ ALSO: First of all, as it has been mentioned before, English is essential for communication. It will help you a lot when you have to communicate with foreigners when traveling to an English-speaking country. Even knowing the basics can be crucial sometimes. And donБt be afraid to make mistakes! Usually, people are very kind to those who are learning their language.

Knowing more than one or two languages is a significant benefit when it comes to seeking employment. Today there are a lot of companies that will require that you understand English in an expert level. There is a big amount of useful information on the Internet. The only thing you need to do is to be able to search for it through the depths of the Web. But the problem is that most of it is in English. Sure, you can try and translate it using apps or online services, but there are always some issues with that. You may lose something that canБt be translated, or the translation wonБt make any sense. Knowing English will give you the opportunity to explore anything you are interested in learning and in the exact way it was written. ItБs crucial to know what people are talking about if you want to understand the culture. Different references and cultural subtleties can be easily lost without a good knowing of the local language. - For books, films, games, etc. IsnБt it great to watch a movie with the original voices? Or read a book and understand that you havenБt lost anything due to translation. Good language skills will help you with that! All in all, knowing English comes with great benefits. To be honest, knowing any foreign language is a plus for you!

It is important to consider learning a language from a young age (the younger - the better! ). It is proven that people who have started learning languages in kindergarten or primary school, are better at multitasking and remembering. They are also good at learning languages in older age. So go, grab a book, look for information on the internet and start learning and improving your knowledge right now! READ ALSO: Source: English language is NigeriaБs БsecondБ language. A second language is one that comes after oneБs primary language. Ironically, it is also NigeriaБs dominant language, with the use of English being taught at various levels of the Nigerian educational system Б Pre-Nursery schools, Nursery schools, Primary schools, Secondary schools and Tertiary institutions of learning. When every guiding and holding factors are scrutinized, the history and role of English language in Nigeria is something noteworthy. History of English Language in Nigeria The Christian Missionaries who came from Great Britain introduced formal Western education to Nigeria, just before the middle of the 19thCentury. Prior to then, education was done informally, as children were taught tradition, culture, history, and the likes by their parents who were in turn taught by their own parents.

After the introduction and acceptance of the formal system of education, the entirety of it was left in the hands of the missionaries and they began teacher children and adults who cared to learn English language. The invasion of the European colonial masters and slave trade activities along the West Coast of African in the 18th century is believed to have paved the way for their tradition, language, and culture, some of which is obvious till today. The earlier kinds of English language which were spoken were БCoastal EnglishБ and БPatua EnglishБ (Pidgin or broken English) which was a more adaptable English variant as a quick and easy means of communication. The entry of the British who were English speaking people in 1841, to the southern and south-western parts of Nigeria, inevitably raised the question of a language to adopt for communication between the indigenous population and the guest; more so, the European guests felt the БnativeБ languages were too Бextensive and not of high qualityБ and never likely to become of any practical use to civilizationБ. In 1882, the English language which was already well spoken in Nigeria by the elites and children of the elites, was accepted and implemented as the main channel of instruction and was the generalized approved communication language in corporate environments (Schools, Post Offices, Corporate Organizations, Airports, Federal and State Parastatals, and so on).

Consequently, the education ordinance and codes of 1882, 1896, 1918 and 1926 were enacted for English language to be as the БOfficial LanguageБ. Roles of English language in Nigeria Б English language is the interconnecting language amongst Nigerians from different geopolitical zones and different ethnicities. Б English language is a worldwide language, and itБs the means of communication in over 30% of all countries in the world. Б Without a pass in English language, students can move from secondary level of education into the tertiary institutions and this is to ensure that students can at least communicate and express themselves in a multi-ethnical community. Б The inability to communicate in English language would definitely make international trade impossible. The roles of English language in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized as it is an important (underrated) tool for national development. Source: lalasticlala, Mynd44

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