why does winnie the pooh have mr sanders

The most valuable piece of information in your FAQ#13 for any prospective visitor is that Poohsticks Bridge is near Hartfield, and how to get there. From then on, unfortunately, it gets too tricky. Hartfield is a very small village indeed, and there is barely enough parking for visitors to the few shops. They discourage parking in the village for visiting Poohsticks Bridge
as it would clog the street solid! There is no signpost that I
could find for the bridge after Pooh Corner Shop. Thankfully two of the shops in the village (including Pooh Corner Shop) keep a FREE leaflet telling you how to get there.

Walking from the village will take a good half-hour as it's about 2. 5 miles, and I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the map for the walk from Hook Farmhouse as we didn't try that. I can however recommend the walk from Poohsticks Bridge Car Park. You *can* go through the woods in the direction given by the car park's signpost, but it's extremely muddy after wet weather, and I reckon it's better to walk along the road towards Marsh Green and take the path marked Public Bridleway (or Public Footpath ) to the bridge.

You can always walk through the woods on the way back if it's dry - it's quite a pleasant walk even in Winter. The entrance to the woods is only a few yards away from the path to Pooh Bridge. Dr. Tony Heath, West Sussex
Pooh Corner: Many Winnie the Pooh fans should recognize the name Mr. Sanders. It appears on the sign hangs above Pooh's doorway.

Left by the home's previous resident, it seems that Pooh Bear hasn't quite gotten around to replacing it. Note: There is some debate to where the name Mr. Sanders actually comes from. Frank Sanders was a noted publisher in London, but A. A. Milne's Winnie the Pooh (1926) and The House at Pooh Corner (1928) were published by London's Methuen Publishing, Ltd. Instead, illustrator Ernest H. Shepard may have simply added Mr. Sanders to his original drawings - a jab at personal friend, Frank Sanders.

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