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why is lesotho not part of south africa

Kingdom of Lesotho : ls Actual Time: Local Time = Capital City: (1997 pop. est. 386 000)
Other Cities: Teyateyaneng (pop. est. 240 754), Leribe (300 160), Mafeteng (211 970), Mohale's Hoek (184 034). Government: Type: Modified constitutional monarchy. Independence: 4 October 1966. (from 1868 until independence Lesotho was placed under British protection. ) Geography: : 30,355 sq. km. (11 718 sq. mi. ). Terrain: High veld, plateau and mountains. Climate: Temperate; summers hot, winters cool to cold; humidity generally low and evenings cool year round. Rainy season in summer, winters dry. Southern hemisphere seasons are reversed.

People: Nationality: Noun--Mosotho (sing. ); Basotho (pl. ) Adjective--Basotho. : 2. 2 million (2010, UN estimate) Ethnic groups: Basotho 99. 7%; Europeans 1,600; Asians 3,000. Religions: 80% Christian, including Roman Catholic (majority), Lesotho Evangelical, Anglican, other denominations. : Official--Sesotho and English. Others--Zulu, Xhosa. Literacy: (1998) 70%. Natural resources: Water, agricultural and grazing land, some diamonds and other minerals. Lesotho is an exporter of excess labor. Agriculture products: Corn, wheat, pulses, sorghum, barley; livestock.

Industries: Food, beverages, textiles, apparel assembly, handicrafts; construction; tourism. Exports partners: 97. 6%, 1. 5%, 0. 5% (2003) Imports partners: 36. 6%, 36. 2%, 12%, 9. 9% (2003) In 1980, Lesotho introduced its own currency: Loti (plural Maloti). It is equivalent to the South African Rand. South Africa (SA) became the very first country for a very long time to have a "welcome sign" at the border. It happens to be a massive country and in many ways a country that is looked up too by many. While happiness is theoretically something one can find anywhere, I have met many people who are dreaming of finding it elsewhere.

There are those who wish to live in Europe and those who wish to reach North America. But just as many hope to reach SA! It's the promised land for many and not without reason. SA boasts itself among the continents strongest economies and a large platform of production. While many countries rely heavily on import, SA is a large provider of. everything! South African businesses, malls and restaurants dominate the neighboring countries and apart from different names it seems visually the same as Europe or North America most places.

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