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why does windows 7 take so long to shut down

Help! Computer takes too long to wake from sleep or shut down. having a problem in windows startup after a interrupted shut down due to low battery problem. Resuming windows takes much time
i was installing a new copy of windows 7. It got hung up for a long time so I shut down the computer Now when I boot up the c windows 7 / 64 bit / is taking to long to shut down, and shuts down on its own randomly.

My lap when I turn it in States that it is shutting down and keep showing that for al long time without any end. not fast as per expectation,takes long boot time and also hangs a lot.

Shutdown and Startup Taking too long, tells it it restarted from crash Why my laptop takes very long time before its enter to windows 7 x64? Why does windows take so long to start? why is moving files taking so long? Switched in new PSU, Startup/Shutdown take very long Why is Win8. 1 taking so long to wake up After installing new HDD, PC takes an extremely long time to shutdown.

Windows taking a long time to reach the user logon prompt (or desktop)? Windows 7 Professional 64-bit Shutdown taking forever?

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