why do we need to write programs

What does someone need to write programs? Computer programming can be used for various purposes, but what does someone need to write programs? What does someone need to write programs? What does someone need to write programs? The text editor you use can be anything from a plain text editor with only a few functions to a complex development environment. The tool you use should be a compiler and/or an interpreter, depending on the language you're working with and your needs. For example, if you are working with javascript, you can use the interpreter that is built into a web browser or if you are working with C, you can download a C compiler and/or interpreter to execute your code. In Windows, use notepad. Go to Start - Programs - Accessories - Notepad or Start -> Run -> Type 'notepad' and press Enter. In Linux, use nano. Open a console window -> type 'nano' and press Enter. There are many free compilers/interpreters available for many languages. To acquire one for whatever language you are working with, go to any search engine and do a search for it based on the language. If you are working with a web language such as javascript or VBScript, an interpreter for such languages is built right into the web browser so you don't have to download it. A development environment, also known as an integrated development environment is a software tool that provides various functions and features that simplify writing programs. There are many advantages to using these tools such as syntax highlighting, advanced search capabilities, and built-in reference. In a development environment, different parts of the code have different coloring to signify what they represent.

This helps improve the readability and context of code and also helps you find errors faster. You can do things like search by letter case (capital or non-capital), search multiple files at once, do regular expression searches and more. Some development environments have a built-in reference to various language's commands and codes which can be very useful for a programmer who may forget something in that language. Development environments are great, but beginners should not use them. If beginners use development environments, they may never really learn whatever language they are trying to learn since a development environment makes writing code easier. Beginners should start from the bottom and work their way up, writing source code without any additional help from software (development environments). Once a beginner feels comfortable enough, they can move on to using a development environment. Learn more about development environments at our
Why Do You Write Code? has been making me think a lot lately. The other day to action. He has a very lofty goal: My goal with every blog post is to get you thinking in a way that might cause a change in your course of action. As a blog writer that has a much smaller following than Chris, my goals are much different. I am not writing to inspire action (though if that happens I will not complain), I write with the hope of informing people or even to make people think. Taking the inspiration from Chris, and my attempts to write some introductory programming posts, I wanted to answer a question. What inspires people to code? I get asked this question a decent amount because it normally looks like I enjoy what I do.

Actually, the real question is why do I write code, but the idea is generally the same. Why do people write code? There are several reasons for why people start a career in software development or web development. Creation Some people really enjoy the ability to create something. You start with a blank canvas, or an empty file, and you write code. Eventually that code gets compiled, packaged or whatever and becomes an executable thing. For something like a web site, you actually get to see and interact with your creation. Instant Feedback Right on the heels of creation is the instant feedback. This is true when you are programming in languages like and as well as really instant changes like web sites. For programming, you get the code-compile-test cycle giving you the feedback. For web sites, you can change some basic feature and just reload the page in order to see your new results. Puzzles and Problem Solving Some people, like myself, just love to solve puzzles or various problems. In many cases, this is almost an addiction. These same people probably love to complete puzzles like or crosswords. In modern terms, you can consider this a House-complex (after the fantastic TV show) where solving the problem is the only thing that matters. People Do you get to meet fascinating people in the software development industry? Yes, absolutely. However, many people get into software development because they do not like people. In product development companies, the programmers can all be in the back room and not deal with business people, customers or users.

They get their needed (and limited) human interaction by dealing with other programmers. See a Need, Fill a Need Some people get into programming completely by accident. They may work in drug development research as a scientist, but they need someone to gather data and run complex analysis or simulations. In many cases, there is no funding in the budget for a new hire so that person learns to program. Eventually, they either become too valuable as a programmer or they fall in love with software development and they have a new career. This probably happens more often than you think, as there are a lot of programmers who do not have a formal computer science education. This is also good for the industry as it brings a different perspective into development, instead of all the people learning all of the same theories. Money There are plenty of people who start a career in software development because they want to make a lot of money. In reality, you can make a very good salary in software development, but that can not be the only reason for joining the field. If one of the previous items is not true in your case, you will hate programming within two years. Also, some people see how much money startups can make and figure they just need to learn to program a little to get there. Well, most startups fail to make any money and most programmers do not work at startups. I am sure there are other reasons, but these seem to be ones that are commonly mentioned. What reasons do you have for getting into programming? Me? I love problem solving and puzzles. What about you? Posted by on March 26, 2009. Tags:, Categories:

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