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why do we need health and safety training at work

Safety-oriented organizations learn from accidents and illnesses that affect workers' health. They study each incident, then make any necessary changes to policies and procedures to prevent similar accidents or illnesses in the future. Part of this process falls to the head safety officer. He oversees the collection of incident data and reviews it with the assistance of an interdisciplinary team. Executive leaders delegate the development of better safety training to explain revised policies and procedures to managers. These managers ensure that updated safety training programs clearly explain changes to policies and procedures to affected workers.
In 2013/14, an estimated 2. 0 million people in Great Britain were suffering from an illness (long standing as well as new cases) they believed was caused or made worse by their current or past work (Source: HSE Health and Safety Statistics Annual Report for Great Britain, 2013/14).

Its therefore important to ensure that your employees know how to work safely and are aware of any hazards and risks they may face at work. In order to manage the health and safety of your business and help prevent workplace accidents, ill health and sickness absence, you should provide free workplace health and safety training for your staff. Why should I provide workplace health and safety training?

As an employer, it is your legal responsibility to ensure that your staff receive appropriate workplace health and safety training, as well as job-specific training to improve competence and confidence. Various UK and European legislation and regulations require you to provide information, training and supervision to your employees in order to ensure theirPhealth and safety in the workplace. You also have an extra duty of care to specific members of staff, including new employees, pregnant workers and young workers (under 18s). Providing your employees with health and safety training, as well as clear instructions, information and advice, helps to: ensure that your employees know how to work safely and without risks to their health.

Do I need to provide work equipment training? All work equipment has the potential to cause problems in the workplace, so you need to ensure it remains safe to use and that youre not putting employees at risk. Under theP, work equipment can only be used by people who have received adequate training on the correct use of the equipment and the risks that may arise from its use. Find out more about safe and healthy use of work equipment. You can also getP Pthough the Health and Safety Executive.

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why do we need health and safety training
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