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why do we still study shakespeare works today

Shakespeare's work is classical in the same way that Retro gaming is classical. Example: You can go back and plug in Super Mario Bros on your NES and still play it. The controller is a little funny in comparison to modern day, the graphics are different, the entire premise is different than the way that games are made today. That doesn't mean that you cannot see comparisons between the two, and the ways in which Super Mario Bros was revolutionary, effectively changing the playing field for all the games that came afterwards.

Now change that. Change Super Mario Bros. to Othello, controller and graphics to Language and Syntax and games to Storytelling and the Theatre
This is all looking at Shakespeare from a modern perspective, while if you look from a historical perspective, Shakespeare was incredibly potent. Basically, We study Shakespeare because without him, Modern English would be far less developed (in regards to him coining words and revolutionizing some specific grammar), as well as English storytelling and the Theatre being stunted.

As for reasons that his work is taught in High Schools, a lot of it has to do with teaching kids to infer what a word means when they don't understand. You'd be surprised at how many kids lack thorough reading comprehension because they can't infer the meaning of a word that they don't know. Shakespeare's diction helps this immensely.

Summary: Read Shakespeare and Play retro video games. Both are awesome. What did Shakespeare study in grammar school? It is believed that William Shakespeare would have studied Latin composition and the works of classical authors in grammar school. He's thought to have att. From where did William Shakespeare get his ideas? William Shakespeare's biggest inspirations were the works of other phenomenal medieval writers, such as Publius Ovidius Naso, Lucius Annaeus Seneca, and Ge.

How many plays did Shakespeare write? Though scholars disagree about the exact number of plays William Shakespeare wrote, he definitely wrote at least 37 plays. Some of these plays were collabo. What are some famous quotes from classic books? William Shakespeare is responsible for perhaps the greatest number of literary quotes, such as Hamlet's "To be or not to be. " Famous quotes tend to be draw.

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why do we still study shakespeare works today
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