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why do we have two houses of congress

Who elects the United States Congress? American citizens that are registered voters directly elect the United States Congress. Congressional elections, referred to as mid-term elections, are hel. With whom does the Congress share foreign relations power? The United States Congress shares foreign relations power with the president. The legislative and the executive branches both play important and different. What are three things Congress does not have the power to do? The United States Congress cannot pass bills of attainder, suspend the writ of habeas corpus unless it is a time of national emergency or pass ex post fact.

What is the seniority rule in Congress? The seniority rule refers to a custom in the United States Congress that grants committee chairmanship to a majority party member who has served on the com.
The U. S. Congress didn't actually start out bicameral; the original Articles of Confederation (the pre-Constitution) had a single house. The final Constitution split Congress into the House and Senate as a compromise between the large states (who naturally wanted representation to be tied to population) and the small states (who didn't want to get outvoted all day long by the larger states).

Rather than pick one, they made two houses, one with representation by population and one with equal representation for each state. The side-benefit of this split is the two houses can have completely different rules, powers, etc. , and can contribute to checks and balances by watching each other. For example, only the House is allowed to pass an article of impeachment, but it's the Senate's job to actually try the impeached official.

The House focuses on internal matters, particularly money, while the Senate deals with foreign policy. More broadly, the Senate is thought to be the more mature of the houses. The minimum age is higher, and the senators serve longer terms. The House exists to serve the people as closely as possible (which is why they come from individual, relatively small districts) while the Senate exists to handle the harder, long-term issues

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