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why do we still have daylight savings time

Absolutely not required. Makes no sense at all these days. Logistics work all around the day regardless of daylight (I don't even understand the fuel saving argument, I'm guessing people mean power plants), A/C works almost all around the clock, and incandescent lights have been replaced by LED lighting in a lot of households/commercial buildings/street lighting/industry (still spreading fast), putting lighting much lower on the consumption list (LED fixtures are at least 5-6 times more efficient, and that's very pessimistic, try more like 10 these days). In the winter it'll be dark when you get off work if its 4 or 5 PM, doesn't matter, in the summer most people get off work well before sunset even if not on DST. Not to mention the confusion the change can cause especially with the date being different for various regions in the world, plus the disruption of the sleep cycle. There are far more practical and better ways of saving energy than DST (smart grids, the gradual shift to LED lighting, better heat insulation for homes (this is actually a hugely important aspect), etc. ). It's just outdated and should be phased out. Daylight savings is stupid. Ever since daylight savings began Iвve been tired at school. I need it dark to sleep and so do a lot of other people.

People say itвs good to have more daylight so Kids donвt sit down and play video games. But,I think this is wrong because because if you donвt get enough sleep, you can get sick. Because it is no healthy at all. We can not get enough sleep if we have daylight savings. We will cause accidents and not be able to concentrate at school or at work. We will be tired all day long. So I say NO NO NO NO TO DAYLIGHT SAVINGS
DST is so forking retarded because there is no point of it just makes an annoyance and someone i know will probably be tail gated! And on that very retarded note we don't forking need it any more because it doesn't matter. DST is so forking retarded because there is no point of it just makes an annoyance and someone i know will probably be tail gated! And on that very retarded note we don't forking need it any more because it doesn't matter. Why don't we all just spring forward and stay there. We should just stay in are normal time. I really don't understand why people need to steal an hour of our sleep if their just going to give it back to us in the fall. It always falls on a Sunday and so it makes us more grumpy on Monday. Let us keep are sleep.

I don't think we need DST. It is messing up our environment and our world. I think that we should just leave it alone. The days are fine as is. By changing the time you are messing every bodies day up. There was a time change on march 11 and the first two days were really hard for me and my family to get up. And that is why i forking hate DST! Why don't we all just spring forward and stay there. On Sunday, March 11, most people will set their clocks forward an hour and on sunday, november 4 people set it back an hour for daylight savings. The days start to get longer as Earth moves from the winter season to spring and summer, with the longest day of the year on the summer solstice I hate DST because it will screw my life over and my friend has really really bad luck so i say this with all the love in the world i think she would get hit by a car so screw Daylight Savings Time. This is my honest opinion if you don't like it well tough It's an outdated practice. We just don't need it anymore - we put lights on all the time now, and it's not saving energy. It disrupts the sleep cycle and on the mondays after the clocks change, there's more accidents. There's also health risks associated with not getting enough sleep.

Even one hour is enough to skew the cycle. It's also no longer necessary to adjust the clocks in this way. We don't need daylight savings time!!!! We don't need daylight savings time because who wants to wake up early!!! Not me!!! I certainly don't want to get up switch the clock then switch it back!!! I say NO NO NO NO to daylight savings time! We don't need it, we don't! People just wanna make up some thing to save daylight. LOS ANGELES - Daylight saving time ends this Sunday, November 5. We gain an extra hour (and an extra hour of sleep), but will soon be commuting home in pitch blackness for the rest of the year. Why do we keep doing this to ourselves? Despite what you may have heard, Daylight Saving Time does exist so that farmers can have an extra hour of daylight. It was first proposed to the British Parliament in 1907 as a way to take full advantage of the day s light. Germany was the first country to implement it, and the United States first took up the practice when we entered World War I, hypothetically to save energy. Farmers were actually vehemently opposed to the idea: Less light in the mornings meant they had to rush to get their crops to market, and it s also terrible for dairy farmers.

It s not just humans who get thrown for a loop, the shift in schedule is hard on cows, too. Having more daylight in the springtime might have saved energy in the past, but we re always powered on, no matter if the sun is up or not. A 2008 from the U. S. Department of Energy showed the amount of energy saved is negligible. Here s something else the original proponents might not have understood-- but certainly they felt it: Changing the clock, even if it s just by one hour, disrupts our natural circadian rhythm. For most people, that means you re tired until your body readjusts. For some, however, there can be terrible consequences. Studies have linked the lack of sleep from losing an hour in the spring to more car accidents, workplace injuries, suicide, and miscarriages. The early evening darkness in the fall has been linked to depression. The risk of suffering a heart attack increases when Daylight Saving Times begins. However, the extra hour of sleep when we finally fall back has been linked to fewer heart attacks. So why do we keep doing this to ourselves? Undoing it would take a lot of work, legislation, and cooperation between states to make it work-- so until there s a unified effort, there s no end in sight.

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