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why do we have challenges in life

You cant stop the waves, but you can learn to surf. John Kabat-Zin
I have to admit that I used to think it was possible to stop the waves and remove all the challenges from your life. I thought if I could just get my life organized and in accomplish the things I wanted and continually make good decision after good decision, I would reach the point where my life would be free of challenges. Oh, how great that would be. Can you imagine a life free of challenges? Well, not only was I wrong about that being possible, I now realize that not having challenges is not really something you want. Challenges exist for a reason. Even though they can be difficult to and can hit you at your core, if you had a life free of challenges, you would really just be going through the motions and miss out on some very important opportunities to grow and get stronger. You would never be able to really live up to your full potential. Are you buying that? Do you agree? Honestly, I used to not really buy into the whole challenges being good for you theory. I mean it really sucked (for lack of a better word) when challenges came my way and things didn t go as planned. I really didn t care about getting stronger and learning the lessons I needed for the future when things were not going the way I wanted them today. But, you right? And, now I can honestly say that when I look back on every single challenge I had, even the ones that knocked me off my feet, I realize they all played an extremely important role in my life. Challenges help shape our character, round out any rough edges, give us lessons we need for our future success and most importantly allow us to realize that we absolutely can manage through anything that comes our way. There s no reason to resent them or wish for a challenge free life. They really do exist for a very good reason, even if you can t see why at the time. So, instead of working to organize life to try and make it challenge free, all we really need to understand is how to best ride the waves because challenges are going to come our way from time to time. But, if you can step back, see them for what they are, and learn the lesson you are supposed to they will not knock you off your feet.

They will just make you a better surfer. And, that s exactly what we need. how do you best manage through challenges? 1. Accept it. PIt is easy to get bothered or upset by the fact that a challenge has come your way. Everything was going so well. I can t believe this is happening. Why me? Can t this issue just go away? These are just some of the things that may come to mind when you haven t really accepted a challenge. PHowever, the first thing you want to do when you realize a challenge has come your way is for what it is. Don t resent it or pretend like it s not there. Just accept the fact that you are being challenged. 2. Realize the best way out is walking through. It really helps if you decide from the very beginning of a challenge that you are going to face the challenge and overcome it. No hiding from it or pretending it doesn t exist. What s the solution? What s the best way through? 3. Let your emotions boil to the surface and evaporate. It s highly likely that when a challenge comes our way, we may have an initial negative reaction to it. Hey, we are human. However, the best thing about negative reactions is that if you can recognize them, you can acknowledge their presence, manage them by stepping back and looking at things from a different perspective, and eventually they will evaporate. 4. Know there is a lesson and something beneficial for you. Although it can be difficult to see the lesson or the benefit of a challenge, there always is one. You just have to be willing to step back and look for it. And, if you still don t see it, you need to just have confidence that somehow, someway, there is a good reason for whatever is happening. 5. Figure out the steps to take and take them. PI am not one for experiencing a challenge any longer than necessary. Although I get it that they may come from time to time, there s no reason to allow them to linger. Figure out the direction you want to go in and start taking steps to manage through the challenge that has come your way. Live Today Better than Yesterday. Complacency is the world's worst mentality. It may seem outrageous, and frankly dramatic, but too many people are too content to sit back and let the world pass by them.

For some, it is simply their state of being, but for others, they that have long held them back. is not a matter of always winning, but a matter of pushing yourself to do and be better. If you're lucky enough to have everything you've ever wanted, be sure to continue challenging yourself. If you don't, you're not only allowing yourself to get comfortable, but you're not. Here are just a few reasons you'll be glad you challenged yourself: If you find yourself without any major priorities or goals, dullness and boredom will become daily occurrences. By challenging yourself to meet a goal, you'll be motivated to continue. Have you ever gone for a run and lost all desire to keep moving? Aim to run to the end of the street, and you'll find yourself at the finish line soon enough. Big company CEOs and entrepreneurs would not have gotten so successful if they hadn't. In the same vein as motivation, challenging yourself to achieve lofty goals will also force you into situations that are unfamiliar. Pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone allows you to become more flexible, sharper, and more confident. It may seem contradictory, but by facing everything head on soon you'll be impervious to anxieties and doubts that plagued you. Fear, it will help keep you humble and urge you forward. You will have gained the ability to do anything, even things that once seemed impossibly foreign. Setting goals and challenging yourself to meet them, for everything from learning a new language to networking, while celebrating your small achievements will do more than make you more successful in the long-term. It will and squash any negativity that surrounds your abilities. Small changes and celebrations will make you feel like you're progressing and help you sell your abilities to the most important client: yourself. Don't expect anyone to have faith in you if you don't! You're the expert on you! Your mom may have told you that you deserve to be happy, but that's nonsense, right? Wrong. When thrown into the cycle of dissatisfaction and boredom, especially at stable (but unmoving) job, it can be easy to think that nothing will change.

But if you challenge yourself to make the most out of what you have: your abilities and your potential, you'll be able to create change. With more confidence and an ability to embrace the unknown, you can do anything, allowing you to chase after whatever makes you happy. An amazing side-effect to stepping outside your comfort zone, motivating yourself, and being more confident? The fact that you will meet tons of new people. It's inevitable. You'll find yourself who could be your future business partner. Your new mentor. That's another perk to having confidence: people will be inextricably drawn to you. Even if you don't form lasting relationships with those you meet, you'll be happier, even if you only exchange a smile. So, you've challenged yourself endlessly. You're walking the walk and talking the talk. But now you've hit a wall. What can you possibly do next? Well, the great thing about our ever-connected, world of technology is that there is always something. You can learn about anything: ancient history, neuroscience, or coding. And even if you'd rather not dive into something new, by pushing yourself, you're still learning and retaining more than you did before. Overcoming obstacles reconditions your brain--you're already smarter! The most successful people know that to continue to find success, you must be willing to change and challenge yourself to be a better version of yourself. "The greatest people that I have met are those who face hardship or continuously seek new ways to better themselves," says David McKenzie, attorney and founder of. "Experiencing adversity and making yourself rise to the occasion allows you to grow where instant success does not. Opportunities for growth are more common than you'd think, and most don't even recognize them. " Challenging yourself, on small and large things, will help you lead a and more successful life. Life throws curveballs all the time, but if you aim to jump hurdles you've set, in the future you will be more confident and more capable. If you challenge yourself, you'll be thankful for the struggles and opportunities you've experienced, knowing that you're a stronger and better person for it!

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