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why do we need to take care of our health

"My body is a cage that keeps me from dancing with the one I love, but my mind holds the key. ", sings. I was struck by these words when I first heard them. They made me think about the relationship between the body and the mind, between the "physical machine" and the soul, between physicality and spirituality. Is body different from the mind or is it just a 'cage' we are living in? Is it a functioning machine that turns our individuality on or is it a part of the whole more complex mechanism? These are all the questions that have been asked by different generations of philosophers, scientists, and there isn't a single and precise answer to it. But one thing we can be sure of is that "a healthy mind is in a healthy body. " Indeed, when our bodies are functioning well, when we do not feel any pain, we can produce something important with our mind; on the contrary, when we are in pain, our bodies are weak, it gets too difficult to pass that pain and concentrate on something else. That's why we should take a good care of our bodies and pay enough attention to it. Psychologists have proven that by listening to our bodies' needs, we can become more aware of our emotions and desires. By incorporating, one can heal a person's emotional sphere including anxiety and depression, as our bodies can 'talk' to us and give us the hints of what we need. By listening to our bodies and taking a good care of them, we can reach the state of balance and inner harmony. Having a proper work/rest balance. Not enough sleep and rest can cause a lot of stress, and, thus, an inability of our bodies to function well. While work is important, one shouldn't forget about the proper rest, even when we want to accomplish more and, thus, start working more.

After some time of such intensive work, our bodies will stop functioning well, and we can even get sick. Making sure that one drinks enough water every day. On average, the human body consists of 60% of water and billions of our cells should have enough water to live. It's also necessary to make sure that the water one drinks is not contaminated, - not pure water will do more harm than good to our bodies. It might be difficult to get clean water, especially when one lives in a big city. Getting a good
might be an option in such a situation, - it's always better to ensure that one gets uncontaminated water. Having enough time for eating and checking that the body gets all the necessary vitamins. Proper food is fuel to our bodies that help us function well. At times, one, probably, needs to have some to ensure that the body receives everything it needs, especially during winter times or when we don't have a chance to eat properly balanced food rich in vitamins. It's also necessary to eat slowly and chew every bit of food. Ideally, eating should bring us pleasure. Treating our bodies with something both pleasant and useful would be of great benefit as well. Consider going to massage therapist from time to time, running around the lake (or simply walking), going to the sauna or spa salon, - anything that is good for your body will work. Body and mind are related, and we shouldn't ignore our bodily needs if we want to lead a good and happy life, even when we agree with Peter Gabriel and consider our bodies as "cages. " Your health is the one thing you absolutely should care about. I believe that 100% I have seen the benefits from looking after my health, and I strive to do it every day. The problem is evident: the majority of people are not looking after their health.

Why? It s because they don t understand the benefits of being in shape and eating the right foods, or are not motivated to do so. I want to change that. Our bodies are built as machines. The earliest humans spent their time gathering food, hunting animals and protecting their kind. If their machines were not functioning, they did not survive. Our machines are made up of the movements of the heart and circulatory system, the movements of the digestive system, the movements of our breathing mechanism and the -movements propelling our bodies. To keep our machines running smoothly we need to exercise, eat food, and do it consistently day in and day out. No excuses! People often don t understand the importance of actually looking after themselves. But as the saying goes, if you really want to do something, you ll find a way. If there is a will, there is most certainly a way! It s not about health benefits later in live. By looking after our health now, we can reap the rewards now. 1. More Energy When we keep our machines in tune, we become more alert and more active, leading us to be more productive each day. Think about it, if we look after our bodies the way they are supposed to be looked after, it s likely that it will run smoothly. Once you start to put the right food into your system and exercise, you ll feel the difference in less than 5 days. 2. Less Stress Stress is a very real thing. Have you ever lay awake at night, tossing and turning? What s making your restless? This is likely due to a build up of stress, and if you don t alleviate it, it can cause knock-on effects. Regular exercise can increase self-confidence and lower the symptoms associated with mild depression and anxiety.

By exercising we pump up the brain s feel-good neurotransmitters, called endorphins. This is what is sometimes referred to as runner s high. 3. Natural Prevention aesthetic benefits too. You start to shed those unwanted pounds, begin to l ook younger and your skin is clearer, to name just a few. Caring for our bodily machines helps us to avoid sickness and often prolong and mitigate future health problems. Don t forget that i t s harder to undo poor health habits as you get older. 4. Save Money Have you ever added up the actual costs related to your health? Take for example the gym you may only go to once a week. It s probably costing you more than twice a standard day pass due to your low attendance against your annual fee. What about the new wardrobe you need to buy because you no longer fit into last years summer apparel. Doctor appointments. Medication. Not to mention you re most likely eating too much food each day. Being on a permanent health kick is not only going to help you transform your life, it s going to save you money. Imagine that! 5. You feel Awesome! Think back to the last time you went for a run or a cycle, or made a home cooked meal. I bet it felt like hard work at first, but it felt awesome afterwards, right? When I come in from a run that I really didn t want to go on initially, it s all worthwhile because you feel active, refreshed, pumped (especially when I can drink up a healthy smoothie to replenish). Sweat each day to keep the doctor away. You heard it here first! Nothing beats the feeling of feeling every muscle in your body roar, to feel and know that your are keeping your machine running smoothly. What would you add to this list? Let me know by pinging me a mail at.

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