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why do we have to study chemistry

A chemistry degree opens doors. Our chemistry graduates acquire a wide range of skills to ensure that they will meet the demands of professional roles in industry and the public sector. Besides gaining a fundamental understanding of concepts in chemistry and biopharmaceutical chemistry, you will gain hands-on experience in a wide range of practical and analytical methods typically used in a modern chemical laboratory. The skills you lean in the School of Chemistry in NUI Galway are not solely subject-orientated, but include professional transferable skills, such as technical writing skills, verbal communication and presentations skills to help you develop to become a rounded, well-skilled and balanced professional. Could you envisage a career in food sciences, the plastics industry or the environmental sector?

Would you like to work in the pharmaceutical industry or maybe combine a farming background with agricultural sciences? How about studying the chemistry of marine species? Does the idea of forensic science appeal to you? Then studying chemistry is the way to go for you. Chemistry-related jobs are all around us: in the small, medium and multinational chemical companies, the private, public and educational sectors - the list of career possibilities is long, varied and very exciting. In Ireland about 17,000 people are employed in the chemical industry. Most of the graduates employed by the chemical industry are chemists. Major employment opportunities for chemistry graduates include:
Industry Production Research, Pharmaceuticals and Synthesis, Polymers and Materials and Specialty Chemicals (Chemists often move into management and administration).

Forensic Laboratory, State Laboratory, Customs Excise, Regional Co. Analytical Environmental Laboratories, General Civil Service Education Third Level Teaching Research, Second Level School Teaching (including General Science), Primary School Teaching (Chemistry Graduates can join teacher training with degree recognition). Why study chemistry? Chemistry enables us to understand the properties of different materials and to transform materials into new and useful substances. Through chemistry, we can understand changes that we observe in the natural and physical world. Chemistry gives us understandings on which to base educated choices about consumer products and management of resources. Chemistry enables us to develop a range of useful materials such as pharmaceuticals for curing and treating diseases, substances that protect the environment, technologically advanced structures for building, and materials that can be used as alternative energy sources.

Chemistry is fundamental to understanding climate change and wise use of the worldвs energy and water resources. Some chemists work in laboratories designing new materials that are used in products such as medicines, food and beverage flavourings, superconductors, and vaccines. Studying chemistry also provides excellent training for a wide range of careers including marketing and project management, environmental science and forensic science. Employers value the skills of numeracy, problem solving, and communication that are integral to all study in chemistry. Why study? Last updated May 9, 2012

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