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why do we have august bank holiday

The Bill that led to the Act being passed was first proposed by, Independent
for in 2003. The first reading of the bill was rejected in 2005 by the Parliament; with the opposed to the idea of another bank holiday, and the Scottish Chambers of Commerce claiming that an extra holiday would cost the country S400 million in lost. In May 2005, Samantha Mungall, Iain Scherr and Alexandra Gill - three first year students at Clyde Valley High presented a petition before the Public Petitions Committee to make this a national holiday. Their petition was discussed and was accepted, and this propelled the bill along. The Bill was sent back to the Parliament's Enterprise and Culture Committee, and was eventually supported by, the then after a compromise agreement was reached whereby the holiday would not be an additional entitlement.

The First Minister stated that he believed that employers and employees should mark the day with a holiday, but that this should be as a substitute for an existing local holiday, rather than an additional one. The Bill was passed by the Parliament on 29 November 2006, and received on 15 January 2007. Holiday! (Picture: Getty) There are only three more bank holidays this year Б two of which are for Christmas. That leaves only one glorious day when the great British public can sit back and enjoy the sunshine. And itБs approaching fast Б with only a few weeks now until the August Bank Holiday weekend. Here is everything you need to know. When are the Bank Holidays in August? The August Bank Holiday is always held on the last Monday in August, meaning the date changes every year. 28 August 2017.

However, not in Scotland because it instead falls on the first Monday of the month, which has already passed. The two other bank holidays left in the year fall on December 25 and December 26 (Christmas Day and Boxing Day). Why is there a Bank Holiday in August? The August Bank Holiday was agreed back in 1971 under the Banking and Financial Dealings Act. Before that it was held on the first Monday of the month under the 1871 version of the act Б and Scotland to this day holds its August Bank Holiday on the first Monday. It was about having a summer day off but alsoб Бto give a lead in extending British holidays over a longer summer periodБ. Will I definitely get the day off? Purple Crocus In Spring. (Picture: Getty Images) Bank or public holidays donБt have to be given to employees as paid leave.

ItБs up to an employer to decide whether bank holidays are part of a workerБs statutory leave. So before you start making plans for your long weekend, check whether youБve actually got the time off first. MORE: MORE: Where do bank holidays come from? Liberal MP John Lubbock tabled the Bank Holidays Act of 1871, so that workers could have an extra four days off. The public holidays were designed to ease pressure on those in the working world, and were initially Easter Monday, the first Monday in August, Whit Monday and Boxing Day. As time went on, more bank holidays were added Б and there are now eight in total, which includes Christmas Day, May Day and New YearБs Day. Banks are closed on the day, hence the name Б and the tradition was that if banks arenБt doing business, no-one else can. MORE: MORE:

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